Yuichiro Hanma who beat 2000 US Troops

Yuichiro Hanma who beat 2000 US Troops

Yuichiro Hanma, also known as Yuuichirou Hanma, is the grandfather of Jack and Baki Hanma and the father of Yuujiro Hanma. Apart from Yuujiro, he is the only other individual to defeat the United States on a small island in the Okinawa region during WWII. He’s also noted for using a single approach to beat 2,000 US troops.

Personality of Yuichiro Hanma

Although nothing is known about Yuichiro Hanma’s personality, Mitsunari Tokugawa notes that he is the polar opposite of Yuujiro. As indicated by his support for Baki in the fight against his father, much to Yuujiro’s disgust, he is likely nicer than Yuujiro. Yuuichiro also appears to be a carefree and serene individual. Yuujiro’s severe attitude of Baki might be due to the fact that he reminds him of his own father.

Evidence that Yuuichiro may be merciless can be found during the Battle of Okinawa, when he fights and savagely beats American soldiers in a horrible manner (twisting necks and broken bones, for example). It may, however, be lawful since they are invading his house.

Yuichiro Hanma was not scared to lose prizefights for money, according to the first chapter of Baki Gaiden: Kenjin. Yuuichiro is confronted about it by Doppo Orochi, who accuses him of letting his opponent to crush Japanese martial arts.

In any event, he is more philanthropic than Yuujiro because he tries to make money legally. The fact that Doppo Orochi recognises Yuuichiro’s power makes Yuuichiro feel better. This could indicate that, despite his humility, he is self-assured in his immense strength.

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Appearance of Yuichiro Hanma

Yuichiro Hanma is a tremendously huge muscular man with very broad shoulders that many people believe are not human. His dark locks are tied back into a simple ponytail. He has the “devil” tattooed on his back muscles, as do many Hanma men. Yuichiro has cauliflower ears as a result of his wrestling matches.

He didn’t wear a shirt or shoes on the battlefield, opting instead for a pair of plain drawstring shorts.



Yuichiro Hanma is so powerful to be only one before Yuujiro who could defeat the US troops with only his bare fists. Major General James, the officer in command of the operation against Yuuichiro, requested the use of a nuclear weapon to kill just one person.

Because they were powerless to stop Yuuichiro’s rage on a small island near Okinawa, where Yuuichiro slaughtered a platoon of soldiers without leaving a single survivor, he justifies his actions. In addition, navy and aviation troops fiercely pounded the island he was on.

Major General James was then slain on board the Iowa Battleship by Yuuichiro, who threw him with such force that his body pierced the ship’s beams. When Yuuichiro finally appeared in front of the nearly 2000 crew members who had gathered around their commander’s body, they were stunned. They all rushed away from him, jumping from the ship into the water, realising that the man in front of them was responsible for the deaths of all their fellow soldiers and the ship’s commander.

Baki Gaiden: Kenjin

Yuichiro Hanma ran across a disgruntled Doppo Orochi, who questioned him over throwing his match against Rikigouzan, a professional wrestler. Orochi knew Yuuichiro could stop any incoming strikes, so he concluded Yuuichiro accepted the attacks because he could and because his own attacks were unworthy of being blocked. Yuuichiro, on the other side, argued that by confronting the pro wrestler, he had stomped on Japanese martial arts dignity.

Yuuichiro grabbed Orochi by his shirt, happy that someone like Orochi recognises his true powers. Orochi responded by removing his clothes. Yuuichiro was grabbing his jaw and stomping it, maybe cracking it. He then claimed that he would make things right with Rikigouzan, clearing Yuuichiro’s “loss” from the previous match.

Hanma Baki

Strongest Father and Child Quarrel Saga

As a spiritual apparition, he emerged in Yuujiro Hanma’s combat against Baki Hanma. He appears near the end of Baki’s final battle with his father, solely to support his grandson. He also chastises Yuujiro for having such a tough time battling against a kid half his age.

Due to the absence of any other obviously supernatural components in the book, his brief appearance is extremely startling. The strange thing is that his presence appears to be so terrifying that even the inhumanly powerful caveman Pickle trembles when he sees him.

Abilities of Yuichiro Hanma

Although some who have met Yuichiro Hanma, claim that he is inhumanly strong, the entire extent of his strength is unknown. As a result, aside from his son, he was the only other man in the world to defeat the United States in the Battle of Okinawa during WWII.

Although he is considered to be the only person Yuujiro has never defeated, it is unknown whether Yuuichiro is more strong than Yuujiro. This is most likely owing to Yuuichiro’s death, which happened when Yuujiro was still a child. This is exemplified by his astonished and scared reaction when his father’s soul appeared to aid Baki.

Yuichiro Hanma is only known to have used one tactic to beat two thousand US soldiers on the battleship Iowa. Many troops refer to this strategy as “dress,” but Yuujiro corrects them, stating that “guise” is the proper phrase. The user uses his opponent as if he were a human weapon, creating a spiritual picture that resembles a garment around himself. His throws are powerful enough to kill almost anybody he strikes in a moment.

When Major General James was flung to the Iowa battleship, his body punctured the wood, which was robust enough to survive direct hits from heavy armament. Furthermore, he is capable of performing his version of the method so quickly that whole squadrons of troops are unable to protect themselves against this terrible assault.

When Doppo Orochi began fighting him, he may have broken Yuuichiro’s jaw. This event may indicate that Yuuichiro is physically weaker than his son . Yuuichiro may have just let Doppo attack him as a method of testing Doppo’s strength, based on his glib and carefree demeanour before and after the attack. However, because it’s difficult to say how strong Doppo was at this point, Yuuichiro may be less durable than his son.

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Who is capable of defeating Yujiro?

Although it is unknown whether Yuichiro is more powerful than Yujiro, it is assumed that he is the one guy Yujiro cannot defeat. Yuichiro is only known to have utilised a method to beat a thousand US soldiers on the battleship Iowa. Yujiro corrects the troops who refer to this strategy as “dressed.”

Is Yujiro Hanma a real person?

Quick response. The Baki universe’s Ogre, Yujiro Hanma, is a fictional figure based on no one in actual life. Cannonballs, rockets, and even illnesses have no effect on Yujiro. He’s also said to have the ability to shatter the sound barrier.

Is Baki a thing of the past?

That is to say, with the premiere of Baki: Hanma, a new original anime series, the Baki tale will come to an end. The dramatic climax to the martial arts anime is expected to be bigger and better than ever for its climactic confrontation in Fall 2021.

Is Baki’s girlfriend going to Ali Jr instead of him?

For a brief period of time, Muhammad Ali Jr. exhibited interest in her, but nothing came of it. Despite her strong feelings for him, she opted to stay with Baki, with whom she was already in love. Ali Jr. is given an explanation by Kozue… After Baki’s duel with Pickle, Kozue makes a brief appearance in the Son of Ogre series.

Why did Baki become ill?

Baki Hanma was attacked by Yanagi’s Yin form of the Poison Hand in the manga’s second series, causing him to become exceedingly sick, underweight, weak, and frequently spitting up blood. Even Kureha Shinogi and Reiichi Andou were unable to find an antidote, implying that the poison was exceedingly dangerous.

Is Muhammad Ali Jr a professional boxer?

Muhammad Ali, also known as Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., was an American professional boxer and social activist who died on June 3, 2016, in Scottsdale, Arizona, after been born on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Is Yujiro Hanma a genuine character?

The Baki universe’s Ogre, Yujiro Hanma, is a fictional figure based on no one in actual life. Cannonballs, rockets, and even illnesses have no effect on Yujiro. He’s also said to have the ability to shatter the sound barrier.

Why is Jack Hanma such a weakling?

Jack’s previous appearance. His fixation with defeating his despised father led to intense over-training at several fighting clubs, resulting in muscle degradation. Overwork had ruined his body, and he was nothing but skin and bones.

How did Yuichiro Hanma pass away?

Major General James, the officer in charge of the operation against Yuuichiro, asked for the use of a nuclear bomb to murder just one person. Major General James was then killed on board the Iowa Battleship by Yuuichiro, who threw him with such force that his body punctured the ship’s timbers.

Is Baki capable of defeating Ali Jr?

He claims to have mastered a fighting technique based solely on punches. He challenged Baki’s buddies to provoke Baki after the tournament. … Baki almost kills him before Ali Sr., and he loses without scoring a single hit.

What makes Baki so powerful?

Because this is a component of the Hanma bloodline, Baki learns that the fastest and only way for him to get stronger is to fight other individuals who are stronger than him, so his body will get stronger and learn from the experience. … Baki has a great sense of love and respect for his friends and family.

Is Baki a real person or a fictional character?

Baki Hanma is said to be modelled on Taira Naoyuki, a prominent Japanese mixed martial artist. Baki is attempting to defeat his father, Yujiro Hanma, who is regarded as the world’s strongest man. This ambition derives from a natural drive to outshine his father and avenge Yujiro’s murder of his mother, Emi Akezawa.

What makes Yujiro Hanma so ruthless?

Returning to the question of why Yujiro Hanma is so harsh. He appears to believe in the “survival of the fittest” mentality. The individual who begs for pity, according to Yujiro, is the weakest. Yujiro became enraged after tasting defeat, and in order to defeat his father, he worked hard to outperform him.

What is the title of Baki Season 3?

The creators have so far released three seasons. Baki Season 1 was dubbed Baki the Grappler 1, Baki Season 2 was titled Baki the Grappler 2, and Baki 2018 was the third season. Netflix has all three seasons of Baki English Dub available to watch. Keisuke Itagaki wrote and illustrated the entire manga series.

Is Bakis girlfriend still with him?

Muhammad Ali Jr. expressed interest in her for a short time, but nothing came of it. Despite her deep feelings for him, she opted to stay with Baki, whom she had already fallen in love with. Ali Jr. is given an explanation by Kozue… Baki and Yujiro in their final battle.

Is there going to be a third instalment of Baki?

Baki’s third season will be available on Netflix in only a few months, just in time for a significant milestone. Baki’s battle with his father will be all the more significant as the show continues in September to coincide with the manga’s 30th anniversary.

In Baki, what happened to Ali Jr?

Despite his setbacks, he attempted to challenge Baki because he believed his martial arts approach was superior. During the Kourakuen Underground Arena, he was almost slain by Baki.

What made Kozue decide to leave Baki?

Unfortunately, it appears that Baki only used Kozue as a means to an end, as he becomes cold and distant from her as Season 3 progresses. He has narcissistic traits, and his ego causes him to neglect her when it’s evident that she needs him to love him back. … seeks to seduce Kozue, but his advances are rebuffed.

How old is Baki?

Baki is now 17 years old.

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