Uncle from another world chapter 1: Release Date on Netflix

Uncle from another world chapter 1: Release Date on Netflix

Uncle From Another World chapter 1: Many stories about an izekai protagonist go to another world and few take into account what the protagonist is doing when they return. Uncle from another world chapter 1 goes just that, a manga by pseudonymous creator Hotondoshindeiru, is getting an anime adaptation scheduled for a July premiere date in Japan.

Takafumi’s uncle isn’t a person, but rather a superpowered entity transported to an alternate world during his coma. Since his new world appearance was in the late 1990s with internet, smartphones and game consoles, he is slowly introduced to the modern world again. The two decide to use their uncle’s unique abilities as a means of earning some extra income whilst reintroducing him to what the modern world has become like; the internet, smartphones, console wars from the late 1990s.

The character concept of tsundere only gained popularity in the early 2000s, a time after Uncle had left to the other world. Takafumi realizes that his exchange with his female companion was simply because she wanted him to turn over money.

The voice cast includes familiar talent with many appearances on the list including Takehito Koyasu who voiced characters in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Attack on Titan, Jun Fukuyama from Persona 5 and Code Geass, Haruka Tomatsu from Persona 5 and Sword Art Online.

The Trailer

Cast Members not shown in the trailer

Fujimiya – Mikako Komatsu

Mabel – Aoi Yuki

Alicia – Aki Toyosaki

The manga, Uncle from another world chapter 1 is expected to air in Japan at the end of July. Overseas licensing rights have not yet been announced. The manga has been released by Yen Press since September 2014.

Release Date and Time of Uncle From Another World chapter 1 Episode 3 on Netflix

The Uncle From Another World episode 3 release date and time has been revealed on Netflix. We are not sure why Netflix is having this mixed release schedule for an English-subtitled anime when other streaming services like Crunchyroll are able to simulcast an episode easily.

As a trend, isekai animes with a magical twist feature older men who return to the real world after being sent into a coma when a truck hit him seventeen years ago. They find a parallel fantasy world they were sent to wasn’t easy. It gets more complicated when they saved many people in that fantasy world, but they looked ugly in the real world because magic doesn’t work here. Luckily, they retain their magical abilities and their nephew helps them use this power for revenue on sites like YouTube.

Release date of New session of “Uncle From Another World chapter 1” on Netflix in North America?

Episode 3 of the Stranger Things will release on August 3, 2022 on Netflix in North America and other international regions outside of Japan and other Asian territories. This is based on the first episode scheduled to air on July 20, 2022 here in the States. Here are the release times for the episode in various timezones:

  • 10:00 PM JT (August 2)
  • 6:00 AM PT (August 3)
  • 9:00 AM ET (August 3)
  • 1:00 PM BT (August 3)

We’re not sure which languages it and subtitles will be available, but the original Japanese dubbing and English subtitles should be available.

Uncles From Another World Release Date on Netflix Japan?

Netflix Japan is scheduled to release Episode 3 on July 20, 2022. This episode is set to be released at the same time internationally. Netflix India, South Asia, and southeast Asia versions of Netflix do not have English subtitles though due to the complexity of subtitling in other languages.

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