Tenten Naruto: Wiki, Abilities & Marriage

Tenten Naruto: Wiki, Abilities & Marriage

Tenten Naruto is a member of Team Guy and a kunoichi from Konohagakure. While she aspired to be like the renowned Sannin Tsunade, she realised she lacked the chakra control required to be a medical-nin. She start devoting her time and energy to master her Weaponry and finjutsu talents so that she don’t have to give up her dream of becoming a formidable kunoichi.

Background of Tenten Naruto

Tenten Naruto had a dream of becoming a renowned kunoichi like Tsunade, one of the Sannin, since she was a student at the Academy, which she openly discussed with others.

She was sent to Might Guy’s jnin tutelage after graduation, alongside her peers Rock Lee and Neji Hyga. Guy made his potential students spar with him in order to assess their dedication to passing their final genin exam. In the end, all three were successful.

During this era of trial and error, Tenten Naruto attempted to become a medical-nin, seeking to equal Tsunade’s raw power and such.

Tenten eventually realised her knack for finjutsu and developed her own fighting technique as a result of each failed attempt. She stopped striving to be like Tsunade after realising her own nature, but she hasn’t given up on her desire of being a great kunoichi in her own right.

Tenten and her comrades were later given the opportunity to take the Chnin Exams in the hopes of being promoted to the rank of Chnin. However, for the time being, all three chose to skip the tests in order to perfect their skills.

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Personality of Tenten Naruto

Tenten Naruto is depicted as naturally inquisitive and intelligent, with a personal goal of becoming a great kunoichi like Tsunade.

This has caused her to have strong feelings towards women, arguing that girls can be as as talented in taijutsu as boys when Neji disagreed. Tenten despises weakness and being unduly dependant on others. Tenten is gentle and kind toward others, comforting her pals when they are going through a difficult moment, despite her ferocity at times.

Tenten Naruto is sometimes irritated by her overly exuberant teammates, notably Might Guy and Rock Lee, and wishes they would behave more maturely; this is depicted in her Infinite Tsukuyomi dream.

She is more laid-back and dislikes having to travel for long periods of time or continue training when she is already exhausted, which is why she looks forward to her days off from missions.

She does, however, care deeply about her team, going out of her way to save Lee during the Chnin Exams after he failed to return to their base. She also had a great deal of respect for her other partner, Neji Hyga, and frequently assisted him in training.

Tenten, a former ninja tool user, is enamoured with ninja weapons to the point where she collects every ninja tool from around the world as a pastime. Furthermore, her obsession grew to the point where she started a full-fledged ninja tool shop.

She also appears to be fascinated by the supernatural, believing in ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.

Appearance of Tenten Naruto

Tenten Naruto has black hair and grey eyes, which are shown in the anime as dark brown. Her hair is pulled back into two Chinese-style buns, with short fringe bangs framing her face.

Throughout Parts I and II, she maintains the same haircut. Her hair buns are braided and tied together by a short plait that falls just below her shoulders in The Last: Naruto the Movie. Her braided buns are preserved as an adult, although her straight bangs hide her forehead.

Tenten’s clothing pays homage to Chinese culture. She wears a pink sleeveless qipao-style blouse with red sleeve trimmings and yellow fastening buttons and dark green slacks in Part I (which was originally represented as blue in the manga).

Her thigh is fitted with a pouch, and she wears blue sandals and a blue forehead protector. Tenten wears a long-sleeved, maroon-edged white shirt, black fingerless gloves, low-heeled sandals, and a black brow protection in Part II.

She’s dressed in maroon puffy hakama-style pants with bandages on the exposed areas and the shuriken holster removed. She carries a huge scroll behind her back most of the time.

Tenten wears the traditional Konoha infantry flak jacket and various equipment during the Fourth Shinobi World War, as well as a holster around her waist that holds two tiny scrolls.

Tenten wears a white sleeveless, high-collared qipao dress with red trimmings and a pink flame pattern on the left, tied with a maroon obi in The Last: Naruto the Movie. She’s wearing fishnet leg stockings and black high-heeled boots underneath. She no longer wears her gloves or forehead protection, instead opting for a pair of black scrolls worn like bangles around her wrists and two green and light grey scrolls strapped to her lower back.

Tenten Naruto wears the same outfit she wore in Part II as an adult, with the exception that the pants are now peach-colored. She also wears crimson tassel-like earrings that dangle from her ears.

Abilities of Tenten Naruto

Tenten Naruto is a highly talented and capable kunoichi, and her squad holds her abilities in high regard. By Part II, she had developed into a chnin, capable of exerting pressure on people like Kisame Hoshigaki with the help of her friends.

Tenten is a kunoichi who excelled at space–time ninjutsu as an adult, which she can utilise to summon puppets with a kunai-firing rifle.


Tenten is a skilled wielder of a number of weapons, including the manriki-gusari and the b. She could even effectively use a weapon she had never seen before, such as the Jidanda or Bashsen.

Tenten is also a great markswoman, according to her teammates, hitting 100/100 every time. Tenten is considered Konoha’s top weapon user by the time he reaches maturity.


Tenten is an expert in the art of finjutsu. Her usual strategy is to keep a large number of weapons in her scrolls, which she may then unseal and use to attack her foes.

She could make the weapons more dangerous by attaching explosive tags to them, and she could use wire strings to better guide the guns’ trajectory.

She can utilise her two little scrolls to perform the Twin Rising Dragons in the anime to launch a variety of weapons in fast succession, which she was only able to do until Part II since she had to physically touch them.

In Part II, she carries a giant scroll that she can toss over her opponent, raining a barrage of weaponry down on them.

Tenten Naruto can also store and release a fire dragon that explodes when it comes into contact with it, as well as a metal dome to defend against attacks.

She can even seal massive objects like ships or large bodies of water, which she can employ to wipe obstructions away.


Is Tenten Naruto in a relationship with Lee?

The way Lee imitated Guy, He could be imitating Lee in the same way. Everybody thought that Tenten was Rock Lee’s wife only to realize that Tenten is not married.

So, on Naruto Shippuden episode 312, Lee married Chen’s granddaughter Azami.

Temari and Shikamaru marry and have a son, Shikadai, in Boruto, whereas Tenten appears to be unmarried and without a family of her own. Marriage isn’t, however, the most crucial development.

Who did Tenten Naruto like?

In the fandom, NejiTen is a rather well-known duo. It’s one of the most popular Neji combinations, as well as the most common Tenten pairing.

It’s most likely supported because of their great friendship and mutual trust. Even after Neji’s death, the fandom has remained strong to this day.

What is the name of Naruto’s brother?

Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga and anime franchise.

Who did Sasuke marry?

The marriage of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most noteworthy and talked about. Sakura was enamoured with the Uchiha heir for the majority of the series, although he seemed uninterested in her.

However, towards the conclusion, he appears to have softened his tone and grown much more accepting of her.

What was the reason behind Neji’s death?

You are not alone if you have asked why Neji was killed off. Fortunately, Naruto’s creator has revealed why he believes the death was necessary.

In truth, Kishimoto revealed that he had planned to make Hinata a prominent heroine in Naruto for a long time, and that Neji’s death had aided her in becoming closer to Naruto.

Is Tenten Naruto is more powerful character than Sakura?

Sakura. Tenten wins the Chunin Exams fight, in my opinion. Sakura is outclassed in taijutsu and ninjutsu (Sakura was employing the REGULAR clone jutsu), and Sakura’s genjutsu ability is limited to dispelling it.

Who was responsible for Neji’s death?

How does Neji Hyuga die in the Naruto anime series? During the fourth great shinobi war arc, Neji died. He was killed by the ten tails, who were controlled by Obito and Madara Uchiha and fired several wood release projectiles (like spears).

Who does Neji have a crush on?

Hinata appeared to be Neji’s first childhood crush, as he seemed enamoured with her and very ready and happy to defend her, calling her cute. …

This could indicate that Neji has romantic feelings for Hinata or that he loves her as a family member.

Is Naruto truly devoted to Hinata?

Naruto told Hinata he loved her in The Last: Naruto the Movie, but he had feelings for her. Then he kissed her, and the two of them fell in love and lived happily ever after.

Is it true that Neji has a thing for Hinata?

For Hinata and Naruto, Neji made the ultimate sacrifice. This could indicate that Neji has romantic feelings for Hinata or that he loves her as a family member.

Is there a relationship between Namida and Wasabi?

The aim for Wasabi and Namida was to become ninjas together. Wasabi and Namida are best friends who spend practically all of their time together.

Namida is blown away by Wasabi’s abilities, especially in areas where others have told her she isn’t cut out for. Namida cries and runs into Wasabi’s arms for a cuddle when she is overwhelmed or scared.

What is the reason for Sumire’s departure from Team 15?

After hearing Boruto lecture about doing what you love and chasing your dreams, Sumire decided to join the Scientific Ninja Tool Team. Boruto’s statement inspired her, and it served as an eye-opener for her, therefore she ended her shinobi training.

Is Naruto capable of defeating Goku?

Naruto do not have physical strength like Goku, however, he can easily defeat him in fight. Naruto, with enhanced powers like Six Paths Sage Mode, may easily defeat Goku.

Why is it illegal to make a Naruto Shadow Clone?

Because the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique creates so many clones, the chakra cost is much higher, making it dangerous to use for most anyone other than the Hokage. As a result, the First Hokage proclaimed it illegal and placed it in the Scroll of Seals.

Kiba has a crush on someone.

KibaHina is the word used to describe Kiba Inuzuka’s romantic relationship with Hinata Hyga.

Is Kiba’s daughter Wasabi?

Kiba led a normal life there, married, and had children after the war. Wasabi Uchiha was the name he gave to his daughter at the time.

He sent Wasabi to Konoha to a random household when she was old enough to hide the fact that he was still alive. … She will rule the world and be extremely powerful with Sarada, Sasuke, and her father Shisui.

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