Shae Loya Shrine Zelda BOTW Full Guide

Shae Loya Shrine Zelda BOTW  Full Guide

The BOTW Shae Loya Shrine is one of the most straightforward yet pleasant Spirit Orb trial venues. To complete the task, you don’t need any advanced puzzle-solving skills or a set of rules. At first look, obtaining the Monk’s chest will need remote activation of a switch. That’s all there is to it in terms of intricacy. Other chests and prizes, on the other hand, will necessitate a little more effort.

“Aim for the Moment” is the challenge linked with the BOTW Shae Loya Shrine. The two skills you’ll need to beat it are accurate bow shooting skills (with bullet-time slow motion effects) and the good old Stasis, cast exactly and in a timely manner, as indicated by the title.

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Shae Loya Shrine location

The Shae Loya Shrine is inside the Ridgeland Tower area, southwest of that tower and a little south of Tabantha Bridge Stable (southeast of Tabantha Tower).

Shae Loya Shrine Zelda BOTW  Full Guide
Shae Loya Shrine location
Shae Loya Shrine Zelda BOTW  Full Guide
Shae Loya Shrine location

By jumping and paragliding from the Ridgeland Tower and travelling south west, you can reach Shae Loya Shrine. A route going to a canyon to the west can be found. If you continue on that path, you will see the shrine on the mountain ridge, just above the Tabantha Bridge Stable. It’ll be difficult to overlook because it’s in a straight line to the south of it.

Alternatively, you can travel to the Shae Loya Shrine by heading south east from Tabantha Tower, crossing the canyon by the Tabantha wooden sticks bridge. This may be an even easier route for others because it is closer and more convenient.

Upon entering the shrine

You’ll enter the BOTW Shae Loya Shrine after finding it and riding the elevator to the lower floor. You’ll notice a message that reads:

To you who sets foot in this Shrine… I am Shae Loya. In the name of the goddess Hylia, I offer this trial”.

shae loya sharine full guide Zelda Botw

The room has a high ceiling, and a little platform protrudes from the path you took in. Get on that small platform, and directly in front of you will be a moving column that will repeatedly discharge a ball into the air. In front of that setup, you’ll notice a slope and a dish bowl. The goal is to snap the ball from the column boulder’s trajectory and have it roll down the slope and into the dish.

Cast Stasis on the ball as soon as it reaches its maximum height to accomplish this. After the ball has been frozen, shoot one or two arrows at it. That should be enough to get it out and rolling down the slope into the slot. You will have activated the platform you are now on provided you  accomplish this correctly. Now you’ll notice that the platform will begin firing you into the air on a regular basis.

Before the final award, there are some goodies

There are a few other prizes you might be interested in before going on to the final goal of the BOTW Shae Loya Shrine: obtaining the Spirit Orb. Extra loot can be found in two chests: one with a piece of Topaz and the other with a Falcon Bow Quick Shot.

Wait until the platform launches you into the air, then use your paraglider to fly towards the other shooting platform (the one that had the ball). Once you’ve arrived, continue travelling in the same direction you came and you’ll come upon a chest at the top of the slope. Open it up to find a valuable piece of Topaz.

Get on that shooting platform, and when you’re up in the air, use your paraglider to return to the first boulder thingy on the firing platform. This time, there is  floating wooden platform directly to the left of where you were, which is tied to the wall by two strings. This is where your Legolas abilities will be tested. Hop on the platform and, after propelled into the air, draw your bow and activate the slow motion effect by aiming the platform’s two strings.

The platform will flip and the chest will descend once you’ve hit the two strings. You’ll be able to open the chest and get your loot from here. A Falcon Bow Quick Shot can be found in this treasure chest.

Beating Shae Loya Shrine

As previously stated, there is nothing unique about this shrine’s location. It was just a quick and enjoyable experience. To complete this dungeon, simply activate a toggle switch stone to unlock the gate that leads to the chest.

Shae loya sharine full guide
Beating Shae Loya Shrine

Return to the launching stone near the entryway. Look to your left this time (left from where the Falcon Bow chest was). You’ll notice a hole in the wall and a switch a little distance away. Try again to hit the switch with your slow motion bow shooting Legolas skill. When the switch is turned off, it is blue, and when it is turned on, it turns orange. If you do, you’ll notice that the lower-level gate begins to open.

You’ll find the monk and the chest once you pass through the gate and into the next chamber. Take your Spirit Orb and leave.

In Zelda Breath of the Wild, how do you get the Spirit Orbs?

The action RPG genre has defined the Zelda franchise since its inception. There are components of it that have given all Zelda games a distinct mechanic: There are no advancement bars, levels, or skill trees to be found. Instead, your ability to stay alive decides your dexterity and strength.

All of the shrines in the game have the same goal: to provide Link with Spirit Orbs. The latter is a method of increasing the number of “hearts” or the health bar metre. We also have the option of converting those orbs into stamina, which can help us to  execute actions in-game easily, such as climbing and running.

There are a few more shrines strewn across the game, and the more we beat it, the more gratifying and enjoyable it becomes. Who doesn’t want to feel powerful and unbeatable in whatever combat they might come across in the game.

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