protective pouches – Best protective cases for iPhone 14.

protective pouches: If you do not need the latest iPhone 14, it is best for you to save your money by purchasing a phone that does not have the newest technology. The 12 and 12 mini are still available on Apple’s website and there are all Pro models available at various retailers. To keep your new phone safe from potential damage, invest in a quality case.

What Is MagSafe?

Magnet Advice

There are certain models that do not work with MagSafe, and these cables were used on MacBooks before they changed their design.

Apple restored the name “MagSafe” as a new system of magnetic accessories. You can slap items like wallets and wireless chargers on the back of all iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, which will be safe to use all credit cards, though perhaps not hotel key cards.

Check for a ring of magnets on the inside of a MagSafe case to tell it apart from regular cases. If a brand is selling the case, you can be sure that the case is MagSafe by looking for this in the product name or description.

If you want MagSafe compatibility, make sure to check the specifications. Some companies claim to have MagSafe compatibility without actually having it.

The Official MagSafe Case (protective pouches)

Apple Silicone Case With MagSafe

protective pouches

Apple’s silicone phone protective pouches are the best one they have ever made. The whole bottom edge is covered, with small cutouts for the charging port and speakers. It feels wonderfully soft.

The device features an inner lining that protects the back of your phone, while the edges on the front provide some protection to your screen if it falls facedown. The buttons are easy to press.

This protects your charging cable and has a special design to attach securely to other products.

A MagSafe Grip protective pouches

Magnetic Security

A MagSafe Grip protective pouches

Adhesive-free phone grips also permit easy removal of your grip, as strong magnets keep it securely attached. Due to the low-level pull force, do not rely on the magnet alone to hold your phone up.

PopSockets PopGrip for $30 : PopSockets PopGrip is a magnetic phone grip that can be attached to your phone. It’s a stylish way to hold your phone and also has the ability to act as a kickstand for your device. PopSockets PopCase comes with an integrated phone grip and MagSafe support.

STM Goods MagLoop for $30:  STM Goods MagLoop is worth the price, though not as strong as the PopGrip. There is a silicone finger loop and a plastic loop that can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation. Along with an attached bottle opener, this case is perfect for any party. Magnets aren’t very strong so it’s necessary to apply extra force when securing the phone in place.

A Screen Protector

Nomad Screen Protector

Nomad Screen Protector

Use the technique suggested in order to install Nomad’s screen protector. However, some people opt for other methods such as a t-cloth for dust removal. Purchasing additional accessories might seem like an inconvenience, but it is worth considering because of the safety that this option provides.

The Thinnest Case Around

Totallee Case

Totallee Case

If you despise cases but know you need one, try Totallee. Your phone might not be protected from a 6-foot drop, but it will eliminate everyday scuff marks.

You can choose between matte and transparent. The former is made of flexible plastic, for protection, and the latter has a little flexibility. You’ll get better protection if it’s dropped but the surface may scratch a bit faster.

With these cases, your MagSafe charger will work with some credit cards and cash.

A Sustainable Case protective pouches

Lifeproof Wake Case

Lifeproof Wake Case

Lifeproof’s Wake stands out in today’s market as a mobile phone case made with recycled ocean-based plastic. It features a design that is suitable for the traditionalist and conformist alike, unlike the iPhone.

The button is clicky, with a nice accent of color. And you can charge your phone while remaining protected and defended against harmful substances. I like the waves on the back, too: they make it stand out. When you buy this cover, Lifeproof donates a dollar to water-conscious nonprofits.

The only downside to the 4Ocean’s sustainable case is that it doesn’t work with Apple’s magnetic charger, for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. It also includes only one ocean pattern on the back, which can be improved with two separate shells offering excellent protection.

A Good Cheap Case (protective pouches)

Spigen Mag Armor

Spigen Mag Armor

This Spigen case (protective pouches) includes the features of a Lightning magsafe charger and wallet, but is more than 50% less expensive. It includes a textured back that feels pleasant to the touch. More importantly, the buttons are sturdy and clickable.

If you prefer a non-magnetic case, I recommend Spigen’s Liquid Air cases because they are otherwise almost exactly the same as MagSafe devices.

A Great Case (protective pouches) From a Black-Owned Business

Pivet Aspect Clear Case

Pivet Aspect Clear Case protective puches

Pivet is a Black-owned Belt Case that can biodegrade in ocean or landfills. The buttons are a bit stiff, but the company says it will fix this in the next update. Magsafe gear doesn’t work with this case, but Aspect Clear bumper is sturdy and well-built.

A Wood Case

Oakywood Wooden MagSafe Case

Oakywood Wooden MagSafe Case protective pouches

I love the natural wood with the highly engineered machine- a paradox that is mirrored by my opinion. This case from Oakywood is better than I initially anticipated, not only because of the real walnut wood and polycarbonate design but also because it’s slim and has a sturdy bumper. The clickable buttons are also a great detail.

It chooses its materials from sustainable sources. The downside is that the front edges “aren’t sticking out much” because it doesn’t offer much screen protection.

The magnets in the MagSafe make it difficult to yank your laptop, but the regular wood case comes at a cheaper price.

A PopSocket Case (protective pouches)

A PopSocket Case (protective pouches)

OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry

Otterbox offers a PopSocket for cases. This allows you to swap out designs as needed, but it will not work with any MagSafe accessories. The charging speed is also slow, so remember to remove the PopSocket while charging.

A Recycled Alternative

Nimble Disc Case (protective pouches)

Nimble Disc Case (protective pouches)

This latest iPhone 12 has a scratch-resistant coating and raised edges on the front, making it great for protection.

It is made from old CDs and DVDs, protecting the environment by avoiding plastic packaging. With a free shipping label, it saves you time and money.

Nimble cases are certified for 6-foot drops, and provide “permanent antimicrobial protection” against bacteria that cause stains and odors. (It will not protect you from viruses like Covid-19.)

The wireless charger for the iPhone can’t stay connected to this case. The wallet also falls off easily.

For Ultimate Protection

OtterBox Defender Pro

OtterBox Defender Pro

You need to remove the rubber slipcover, peel apart a polycarbonate shell and layer them at the top and bottom of your iPhone. You then need to snap shut and wrangle the slipcover over the phone.

The charger port is protected, and the side button that silences your phone can still be used with this iPhone case. It might be a bit difficult to see out of the case, but you also get a belt clip and there’s no cover for the screen on this version of the case.

The Prettiest Cases (protective pouches)

Sonix MagSafe Cases

Sonix MagSafe Cases

Sonix stands out because they have a variety of colorful case styles. Even better, it has MagSafe support, which is great for students on the go. The case offers protection, making it a great option to meet your needs.

The Sonix stand has magnets that keep your phone in place, and since it can slide around a bit, it needs to be weighted better. However, this is an excellent option for a desk or nightstand.

A Cork protective pouches

15:21 Cork Case

15:21 Cork Case

This cork case has a pleasant texture and doesn’t detract from the weight of my phone. It can withstand everyday wear and tear, and will protect it from slight drops. It’s made from a renewable resource (cork) that degrades naturally and is recyclable.

The magnetic design of this case makes it possible to use it with the MagSafe Charger, and the functionality is much better than other cases that claim to be compatible with the charger.

A Fabric Case (protective pouches)

A Fabric Case (protective pouches)

Arrivly Suede Microfiber Silicone Case

With this, you’ll find that the phone has a silky feel and some pet hair will cling to the fabric. If the material tends to attract lint or pet hair easily, it’s not hard to clean it up. Compared to other cases, this one is not as durable and won’t protect your device as well.

For Leather Fans

Nomad Rugged Case With MagSafe

Nomad Rugged Case With MagSafe

This leather iPhone case is great because it provides a comfortable surface, raised bumper along the edges, and a microfiber lining to protect your phone. The leather is from an established Chicago tannery and has two different attachment points for lanyards or wrist straps.

Mujjo’s vegetable-tanned leather case ($50) is as soft as Nomad’s, but it is slimmer and protects from minor bumps. It doesn’t support the MagSafe port on the MacBook, but Mujjo’s meets the needs of people that want to protect their laptops without covering up the MagSafe port.

A protective pouches With a Strap

Moshi Altra Wrist Strap Case

Moshi Altra Wrist Strap Case

Just dangle your iPhone from your wrist with Moshi’s Altra case. Though the wrist strap is detachable, not that much to slip off the phone.  I really like the texture of the ribbed pattern on the back and easy to press buttons. There’s also a reasonably thick protection around the frame which doesn’t work with MagSafe accessories, but can still wirelessly charge.

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