Poor Sale of ‘G String’ Half Life 2 Mod

Poor Sale of ‘G String’ Half Life 2 Mod

‘It Hurts Because the Numbers Aren’t There.’ ‘A great deal.’

For almost a year or two, the G String Half-Life 2 mod has been available. Unfortunately, Eyaura, the game’s developer, has revealed that sales of this intriguing PC cyberpunk game have fallen short of expectations.

G String places you in the shoes of Myo Hyori, a young Korean girl who lives in the North American Union after the Earth’s ecosystem has been severely harmed. It’s been in development for nearly a decade and was released late last year on Steam. Despite what the title suggests, this is not a filthy, adult, or even suggestive game. While it received positive reviews, it lacked the necessary commercial success.

The G String Half-Life 2 mod sales were a huge letdown for the game’s developer Eyaura, especially considering she invested 12 years of her life and over 45,000 hours into the project.

“Based on G String’s performance, is this a success?” In a lengthy ModDB news post, Eyaura stated. “Should I be pleased with myself? Sure, I’m glad I “got it out of my system” from a creative standpoint.

It’s still preferable to withering behind a desk in a [dead-end] job, but the release left a hole and the reception was… Well, it is what it is, and no one can blame me for not doing enough advertising.”

In order to advertise her game, Eyaura sent out over 3,000 e-mails, filmed over 100 videos, and made several Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit postings, according to her. Despite these efforts, the G String Half-Life 2 mod only managed to sell “a few thousand” copies in its first year.

The attitude of Eyaura to this development has been varied. On the one hand, it might be demoralising to see all of your hard work go unnoticed, especially when other, less-complex indie games appear to go viral at will.

” Stick to your guns no matter what, and you’ll be a whimper in the end.” You were 100 percent right. What’s the point of it if you made it? ‘No one gives a damn.’ This isn’t the message I intended for G String to convey.”

Despite these obstacles, she continues to work on the game and create art for other projects, which she describes as a combination of delusion and also tenacity.

“I did the best I could with what I had, and I’ll keep doing so as much as I can because I have no choice—in it’s my nature to keep going, to keep trying against all odds because in the darkest, most delusional parts of my mind, I still believe this thing will take off.” When and how will you do it? I have no idea. Is it even possible that I’ll still be alive by then? I have no idea.”

G String just released a huge upgrade in July, and Eyaura is rumoured to be planning another major update for Winter 2021. G String is a new cyberpunk shooter available on Steam for $17.99 (or your local equivalent) if you’re searching for a new game to enjoy.

What are your thoughts on the G String Half-Life 2 mod failing to sell as well as anticipated? What is your favourite indie game that isn’t well-known? If you have any query, mention that in the comment area below!


How much Longer this G String Game is?

This game is 10 to 15 hours long.

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