paramount This article tells you exactly what you need to do if you want to activate your Paramount Plus on Xfinity. This service is only accessible on Xfinity’s high-speed internet service.

What is the Xfinity TV App?

The Xfinity TV App is a streaming app that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies on your phone, tablet, or computer. With the Xfinity TV App, you can watch live and on-demand content from channels like NBC, CBS, Fox, and Telemundo. You can also watch VOD (video on demand) content. The Xfinity TV App is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity(paramount

If you’re looking to add Paramount Plus to your Xfinity streaming lineup, there are a few things you need to do first. Here’s how to activate the premium service on your Xfinity account:

1. Log into your Xfinity account.

2. Click on the “My TV” tab.

3. Under “Programming,” click on “Paramount Plus.”

4. If you have additional services that require a login (HBO, Showtime, Starz), enter your credentials for those services as well.

5. Click “Activate.”

6. You’ll now see live and on-demand content from Paramount Pictures and other sister networks like CBS, Fox and NBC in addition to the movies and TV shows available through the standard Xfinity streaming package.

Streaming Services Available on Xfinity TV

If you’re a Xfinity TV customer and want to watch live streaming services, you can now activate Paramount Plus. This is a new streaming service that offers a variety of movies and TV shows. You can find out more about this service by visiting the official website.

To activate Paramount Plus on your Xfinity TV account, follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. On top left corner of the page, you will see “Sign In” option. Click it.

3. Enter your credentials to login or sign-in.

4. On the main page, under “My Services,” click “Activate Paramount Plus.”

5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the activation process.

6. You’re now ready to watch all of your favorite Paramount Plus content!

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime for Cord Cutters

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are all great options for cord cutters. Here’s how to activate each service on Xfinity: Netflix: To sign up for Netflix, go to and create an account. Then, on your Xfinity TV screen, select the “Netflix” button.

You’ll need a valid credit card to sign up, but after that, you can watch as much Netflix as you want without ever having to worry about bills! Hulu: To sign up for Hulu, go to and create an account.

Then, on your Xfinity TV screen, select the “Hulu” button. You’ll need a valid credit card to sign up, but after that, you can watch as much Hulu as you want without ever having to worry about bills! Amazon Prime:

To sign up for Amazon Prime, go to After creating an account, select the “Amazon Prime” button on your Xfinity TV screen. You’ll need a valid credit card to sign up (or use Household Link), but after that you can get unlimited streaming of movies.

Supported Models for Paramount Plus

  1. XG2v2-P
  2. XG1v3
  3. XG1v4
  4. Xi5
  5. Xi6
  6. XiOne
  7. XClass TV 

How to watch Paramount plus on Xfinity if you are existing subscribers with paramount

After you have installed Paramount Plus app, you have two ways to sign in as below.

On your TV

  1. Click on Setting and then click on Sign in.
  2. Here you have to Select My TV.
  3. You have to enter credentials (email and password) that you used while subscribing to Paramount Plus and then click on Sign in. 


  1. Click on Setting and then click on Sign in.
  2.  Click on
  3.  You will be provided with the code that we need to use in the next step. Note down that code.
  4. Go to through laptop or your android mobile. You will be asked to provide activation code. Enter the code and press  “Activate”.
  5. After above step, your screen will get refreshed and you will start watching Paramount plus on Xfinity device (using paramount

How to Upgrade your plan to Premium?

Follow below steps to upgrade your plan: 

  1. Go to You will find your name appearing on upper right hand corner. Click on it.
  2. Then Click on the Account.
  3. Once you scroll down, you find “upgrade” option under subscription and billing category..
  4. Choose “Premium”, then “Switch Plan”.
  5. In case, you decided to change your mind, you can cancel it any time by just clicking on Cancel.
  6. You will see a new screen where you can find the upgraded status to Premium. A confirmation screen will appear where you can see your upgraded premium status.   

How to Upgrade to Essential Plan at

Follow below steps to upgrade your plan to Essential.

  1. On Top right corner, you will find your Name. Click on it. Then choose Account from dropdown list that you can see there.
  2. Now, you can see your current subscription plan under “Subscription & Billing” area. There you have option with “Switch plan”. Just Select it.  
  3. You may have to enter your password for security purpose while switching from your current plan.
  4. Once you have made up mind to switch to Essential, then only you can Click on “Switch Subscription.”  When you change your plan while you are at mid of your free trial, then you lose your free trial and you will have to pay immediately for the plan you select.

How to cancel your subscription on

If you want to cancel your subscription, then follow below steps.

  1. Go to On upper right corner, you find your name. click on it and then go to Account.
  2. Now Scroll down, you find the option “Cancel subscription”. Just Click on it.


If you’re a cord-cutter and want to watch live sports without cable, then you need to activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity. Not only will this add Fox Sports channels like FS1, FS2, and Fox Deportes to your lineup, but it will also give you access to all of the other great channels that Xfinity offers such as TNT, TBS, AMC, A&E, History Channel, CNNgo and more! This is an easy process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Once activated, you’ll be able to stream your favorite live sports events without ever having to deal with those pesky dang commercials!

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