One Piece Reddit: Netflix has been keeping the specifics of its impending live-action version of the manga/anime “One Piece” (one Piece Reddit) under wraps, with no firm pronouncements as to which aspects of the 25-year-old franchise will be covered. The second set of cast announcements, however, provided a hint, indicating that the tale will proceed far enough for at least this group of half-dozen supporting characters from the pirate saga.

Koby, Alvida, and Helmeppo are in the top row from left to right, and Buggy, Arlong, and Garp are underneath them, as seen in creator Eiichiro Oda’s manga art. They’ll be played by… in Netflix’s “One Piece Reddit.”

Jeff Ward, McKinley Belcher, and Vincent Regan (top row) and Morgan Davies, Ilia Isorelys Paulino, and Aidan Scott (bottom row) (bottom row).

The most of those characters debut early in the original work, although Garp appears only in the 68th episode of the anime and the 92nd chapter of the manga. Netflix hasn’t said how many episodes are in the first batch it’s greenlighting for production, but it’s a safe bet that it won’t be 68 (or 34, if you account for anime episodes being roughly 30 minutes compared to an hour for live-action shows), which means there’ll likely be a lot of condensing/rearranging of storylines to get Garp (and Arlong, whose anime/manga debuts are in Episode 31 and Chap.

Netflix has released new footage from the live-action adaptation of One Piece, which includes a variety of characters that aren’t part of the Straw Hats Pirate Crew. In November 2021, the core members were unveiled once more.

Actors that play Koby, Alvida, Helmeppo, Buggy, Arlong, and Garp are among the recently disclosed Netflix One Piece cast members.

Morgan Davies plays Koby, a younger pirate Luffy meets at the beginning of the sequence. Koby is Alvida’s cabin boy, and he is the first person Luffy befriends. Davies has been casted as Madeline in the  film Storm Boy which is due in next few months.

Paulino, played by Ilia Isorel, is Alvida, the commander of the Alvida Pirates. Alvida, also known as “Iron Mace” in the manga, leads her squad (together with Koby) and terrorises the islands under her domain. Paulino starred as Rosa in the 2021 film Queenpins and as Lila in the television series The Sex Lives of College Girls.

one piece reddit netflix casts
One Piece Reddit:

Helmeppo, the son of Navy Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan, is played by Aidan Scott. Helmeppo is first seen abusing Roronoa Zoro, who subsequently becomes Luffy’s first crewmate, early in Luffy’s trip. Mackenyu takes over the role of Zoro. Aidan Scott appeared in the films Action Point and The Kissing Booth 2 as himself.

Buggy, a pirate captain and the leader of the Buggy Pirates, is played by Jeff Ward. Buggy was seen attacking Orange Town in Luffy and Zoro’s first encounter with Nami. Buggy, like Luffy, ate a satan fruit and obtained the ability to divide his body into items. Deke Shaw in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Seth Marlowe in Channel Zero were both played by Jeff Ward.

Arlong, the chief of the Arlong Pirates and the primary character in the Arlong Park story arc, is played by McKinley Belcher III. Arlong is a fish-man with purple skin and a serrated nostril as depicted in the manga and anime. McKinley Belcher III starred as Trevor Evans in the Ozark television series and also appeared in the films The Passage and Marriage Story.

Finally, Vincent Regan portrays Garp, a tough Navy vice-admiral. Garp the Fist, also known as “Hero of the Marines,” was active during the reign of Gol D. Roger the Pirate King and has a relation to Luffy’s past. Vincent Regan was in 300, Snow White and the Huntsman, Troy, and Clash of the Titans, among other films.

The Netflix One Piece Reddit TV series going through production phase and will be available globally. Viz Media publishes the One Piece manga in English, and Crunchyroll has the anime series available.

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