Moviedle : Wordle like game for Movie Fans to fall in love with

Moviedle : Wordle like game for Movie Fans to fall in love with

Moviedle: Out of all the puzzles becoming popular on the internet, Wordle is still catching attention with fun and challenging daily gaming elements. It was purchased by the New York Times and has been a hot topic ever since.

Along with its popularity, Quordle, Queerdle and Nerdle have spawned thousands of offshoots as well.

Moviedle is the Wordle spinoff that has already caught the attention of movie lovers on social media”.

Moviedle – how it works, how to make a movie?

With content creation powered by artificial intelligence, Moviedle generates media-rich, attractive content relating to movies.

Wordle is a crossword and sudoku puzzle, which places the focus on vocabulary rather than maths.

People who have played Mastermind will recognize the game premise behind Wordle – where you spin a notepad and create a word cloud of words associated with that particular colour.

The game’s similar to Moviedle, which does a similar thing- solve words by using the clue system. The difference is that each color represents different degrees of success and gives players an idea about whether or not their lone letter guesses were successful or not.

How does Moviedle work?

You are provided with max. six guesses in  Moviedle .

With the first guess, you get a compression of the entire movie with only one second before playback starts. Be focused while watching because there won’t be any pauses or rewinds.

When you are watching the clip, if you don’t know what to guess, click on “Skip.”

As you make incorrect guesses, it will generates progressively longer and slower versions of the film until you get it right or run out of wrong choices.

Can I play previous Moviedles?

When you solve a day’s puzzle, there’s a calendar icon displayed near the top-right hand side of the screen. You can play any puzzles that are older by clicking on the calendar to see other days’ content.

The game also provides developers with stats. By clicking on the button next to the calendar, you can see your amount of time spent playing the game and how many times you’ve won.

The website also links you to IMDB, where you can find more information or watch it in a super-fast speed if you want.

Who made Moviedle?

Moviedle is a website developed by Jeremy Toeman, who is also the founder of AugX Labs.

Michael Toeman, CEO of Moviedle describes himself as a “movie nerd” and says that Moviedle doesn’t have to be the hardest game. It just has to be fun.

He said, “My target for Moviedle is that everyone can get it in six tries.”

“If you like pictures and can get them all in one attempt, cool. But if you’ve never seen this movie before, the six-second clip hopefully provides enough information for you to find it.”

In less than two weeks, Moviedle was developed and showcased at an event which had several iterations before it reached its current state.

Toeman uses data to give each character in a film a proper role. For example, the most common roles associated with Johnny Depp is pirates, actors, and director.

He said, “I’m picking. There is a 100-day movie library of pre-loaded films. We built it for other purposes, but not with the selection.”

How to play it?

The movie game Moviedle is a tricky one. Contestants are shown a brief clip of the movie before they have to guess the title. Fans must answer yes or no whether the film title was guessed correctly. After contestants have seven incorrect guesses, they will watch a longer and slower clip from the film to increase their chances at success.

This simple task may seem too difficult, but it is actually an extremely sped-up version of a whole movie. You barely have time to figure out which actors are in the movie or where it is set. You just need to hope something in the clip sticks out to you.

This new game has brought a lot of excitement, with people sharing their scores on social media.

One fan boasted that this was the easiest challenge, “My one talent is that I’m amazing at MovieDle. I’ve done like 10 of them and it never takes me more than two guesses. I am a god.”

The online game has been so popular that some fans are struggling to manage their day-to-day life, forcing them to play while they should be doing other things. “Anyone finding it hard to find time to do everything else but chat with friends?” joked one player.

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