Monty Mole-Major Species in the Mario series.

Monty Mole-Major Species in the Mario series.

Monty Mole, the common species in the Mario franchise. Moles prefer to live in underground burrows. When Monty sticks his head out in most Mario Party games, Mario or one of his buddies smacks it over the head with a hammer.

Monty Mole have even been turned into obstacles in the series, which must usually be overcome by whacking them on the head. Monty Mole has also made appearances in Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario Super Sluggers, and as a Mario Kart obstacle. Monty is a quick player in both Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers, although only in Mario Superstar Baseball is he a selectable character. In Mario Superstar Baseball,  it is necessary for player to clear challenge phase as Mario in order to unlock Monty Mole.

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Super Mario series

Super Mario World

The first appearance of Monty Moles is in Super Mario World. In this game, they appear out of nowhere on the ground. Monty Moles can assault Mario or Luigi by charging at them. Mega Moles are a subspecies of Monty Moles that the player can ride atop. Monty Moles may be killed by any attack in Super Mario World, and Yoshi can eat them.

Mario Kart series

monty mole-mario kart series
Mario Kart series

Monty Moles are dangers that frequently appear in Mario Kart 64’s Moo Moo Farm, Mario Kart DS’s Peach Gardens, and Moo Moo Meadows (Mario Kart Wii). Green Shells, Red Shells, and a racer with a Star can all knock them around. They appear in one mission in Mario Kart DS, where Luigi must use Green Shells to eliminate five of them (on Moo Moo Farm). They squeak when they emerge from holes in the ground. They can occasionally all come out at once, which can be pretty dangerous. They burrow through the ground on Moo Moo Meadows, and the dirt that is dredged up slows racers down. Rocky Wrenches may be related to them.

Super Mario 64

monty mole -super mario 64
Super Mario 64

In Super Mario 64, Monty Moles can be found in Hazy Maze Cave and Tall, Tall Mountain. In this game, people can throw rocks at Mario, and after throwing the rocks, they vanish beneath the ground.

Super Mario Sunshine

In Super Mario Sunshine, Monty Moles appear as mini-bosses. They primarily use a cannon to shoot bullets at Mario. The Monty Mole is first encountered in Pinna Park during the second episode, where it primarily attacks Mario with Bullet Bills. When Mario gets close enough, the Monty Mole will begin throwing Bob-ombs at him in an attempt to blow him up. For defeating the Monty Mole, Mario must hurl the Bob-ombs at it three times. Another one is fought in the first episode in Noki Bay, where it has clogged the waterfall and is spewing massive amounts of filth everywhere. In order to fight the Monty Mole, Mario must climb up and toss Bob-ombs at him in the same manner.

Super Mario 3D Land

Monty Moles make an appearance in Super Mario 3D Land once more. In this game, they only appear in one level: 5-4. Morty Moles make an appearance in this game as well. If Mario gets in their way, they will attack him. They can be dispatched with a single blow.

Mario Party series

Monty Moles have made cameo appearances on the boards and minigames throughout the Mario Party games. Monty Mole is a playable character in Super Mario Party who is a member of Bowser’s Team.

Mario Kart series

Super Mario Kart

Monty Moles first appear in Mario Kart in the first game, where they may be encountered in tracks such as Donut Plains 2 and Donut Plains 3. They serve as roadblocks; if a racer collides with one, the Monty Mole will attach itself to the racer and cause them to lose cash.

Mario Kart 64

Monty Moles (strangely referred to in the game’s manual as “Chubbys”) reappear to reprise their responsibilities as impediments. They will not, however, attach themselves to the racer and cause them to lose coins this time. Instead, they will cause the racer to lose control and crash.

Mario Kart DS/Mario Kart Wii/Mario Kart 7/Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Monty Moles make an appearance in each of these games, along with their wrench-throwing cousins, who make their Mario Kart debut and play the same role as before.

Mario Kart Tour

On May 6, a playable Monty Mole was added to Mario Kart Tour’s lineup. The Mushroom Cannon is his unique item.

Paper Mario series

Monty Moles are opponents in Paper Mario’s Chapter 2, where they hide in holes and throw pebbles at Mario.

Monty Moles were supposed to appear in Super Paper Mario because the game’s files contained unused visuals and animations, but they were cut for unclear reasons.

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, a Monty Mole boss was also planned to debut, but it was eliminated for unclear reasons. This boss was purple, wore a crown, and had a white beard.

Mario Pinball Land

Monty Moles emerge as obstacles who stand in one area and watch Mario before moving positions either on their own or after being hit by a pinball. They have a 500-point value. The one in the Sandy levels, who wears a fez, is beyond door #1. The one in the Grassy levels is unstoppable and lives beyond door #2. The one in the Snowy levels resides in an igloo, wears a parka, and emerges after defeating the huge Cheep Cheep beneath door #1. The final one sports a horned helmet and emerges beyond Bowser’s Castle’s door #17.

Super Mario World television series

Monty Moles occur in the Super Mario World animated series, but they are referred to as Gophers. They only appear in the “Gopher Bash” episode. They are Cheatsy Koopa’s minions in the TV show. The moles assist Cheatsy in stealing Dome City’s crops in “Gopher Bash.” Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi eventually vanquish the gophers by sneaking up on them, tying them up, and suspending them from the ceiling. During Cheatsy’s Life, they are also seen to be capable of singing.

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