Mikan Tsumiki

Mikan Tsumiki

Mikan Tsumiki is a member of Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class 77-B and a participant in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair’s Killing School Trip. The Ultimate Nurse is her moniker.


Mikan Tsumiki is a fair-skinned young woman with long, jagged, dark, plum-colored hair that has been chopped unevenly due to bullying.

Her hair appears to be barely above her hands at the longest point, and somewhat above her neck at the shortest position. Her bangs fall straight down, yet they’re clipped at varying lengths. Her pale gray-mauve eyes are usually always filled with anxiety or tears. A beauty mark may be seen under her left eye’s corner.

She is dressed in a nurse’s uniform, which consists of a pale pink short-sleeved shirt with a white collar and white puffed sleeves. Underneath is a short, pale blue pleated skirt that is slightly crumpled. Mikan is dressed in a white apron with a ribbon knotted around her neck.

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On the left side of the apron, there are two red lines, one running down to her middle and the other running perpendicular to the vertical one in a basic pattern. She also has bandages around her left forearm and hand, excluding the fingers, as well as her right leg from mid-thigh to above the ankle. She’s also wearing pale pink crew length socks and white loafers, as well as a square gauze band-aid on her left kneecap.

Mikan Tsumiki wore the traditional Hope’s Peak Academy uniform with off-white crew length socks during her high school years. Her hair was a little longer this time, with the longest part at her mid-thigh and the shortest at her shoulder.

Her bandages were applied in a different way this time, with her left knee and entire right leg wrapped, as well as her left forearm and a band-aid on her right cheek.

She wears a white, old-fashioned, buttoned nurse outfit with a white nurse’s cap as the Ultimate Despair, which is marked with the same red line symbol on her apron as her initial appearance. Bandages are put around her right forearm and left leg from mid-thigh to ankle this time.

She has a black strap wrapped around her right leg and one elbow-length medical glove on her left arm. She also has a glove on her right hand that cuts off at her bandages. She also wears plainer loafers and is seen carrying a syringe, which she is presumably using as a weapon.


Mikan Tsumiki is a meek, anxious, and vulnerable person who has dangerously low self-esteem as a result of severe maltreatment and bullying.

Many behavioral signs have developed as a result of this, including being easily intimidated, breaking down and crying without warning, repeatedly apologizing, and nervously stumbling when speaking. She’s often worried about bothering, boring, or upsetting others, even asking Hajime Hinata whether it’s okay if she remembers his name when she introduces herself.

Because of her delicate demeanor, she is an easy target for Hiyoko Saionji’s predatory and vicious disposition. Mikan, on the other hand, acts considerably more confident when performing her duties as the Ultimate Nurse, and she is informed and bright.

Her medical training comes in handy during murder investigations, since she offers autopsy reports that detail the state of the corpse, injuries, cause of death, and time of death.

Furthermore, in her desire to provide other students with information on the issue at hand, she occasionally gives (often unwanted) health advice to others about things like eating and sleeping. She may occasionally begin to describe body functions in far too much detail.

Mikan Tsumiki , unlike the majority of pupils, has stated that she enjoys being on Jabberwock Island since her classmates recognize her and her talent makes her helpful.

Mikan is prone to bizarre outbursts, where the repressed elements of her personality quickly surface for brief moments before burying themselves again, usually followed by an apology for her erratic behaviour, because she defaults to an unnaturally intense state of submissiveness and self-deprecation as a defence mechanism.

Deep animosity for her abusers, overall frustration with how she is treated, a variety of sadistic or otherwise frightening obsessions, an extreme desire for control, attention, and compassion, as well as her sexual impulses, are among these characteristics.

During Chapter 2, she experiences a brief outburst of rage, yelling “you’re done for” and “you’re not going to get away now that I’ve got you” at no one in particular and seemingly out of nowhere, and then tries to explain it away by claiming that she says incomprehensible things when she’s nervous.

She also mentions in one of the Class Trials that she finds a sudden urge to kill quite understandable (implying she has had such fantasies of enacting revenge on her abusers), and she mentions in Island Mode that she enjoys horror movies because of all the blood and helpless victims, particularly bully characters getting what’s coming to them.

She also has an unsettling fondness for needles and shots, offering them to Hajime whenever she gains access to the Pharmacy, and even chasing him about during a Free-Time Event, attempting to inject him with one.

She is also said to creepily look at Hajime after their free time together, and he had the impression that she has been watching him from somewhere, implying that she stalked Hajime.

Mikan Tsumiki , despite her often tense exterior, has by far the most sexual desire of all the female students in Class 77-B, particularly for Hajime.

She ends up cradling his head and falling asleep on top of him on two occasions, as well as unsubtly indicating she would like to have sex with him through some quick, flirtatious remarks when she is either extremely exhausted or infected with the Despair Disease.

Teruteru Hanamura is the only one in the class who can match her for blatant sexual innuendos.

Talents & Abilities

Ultimate Nurse

Mikan Tsumiki learned to take care of herself at a young age because she had no one to look after her wounds. Since she gained experience in this field, she grew interested in nursing, understanding that it provided her a sense of control over sick and injured people, as they would be fully reliant on her and their lives would be in her hands.

Her abilities in this field grew over time, and she appeared to have acquired nearly all of the necessary skills and abilities required of a nurse, including the ability to provide first-aid, prepare various medicines/drugs, perform surgery, perform critical analysis of her patients’ conditions on short notice, and adaptability in dealing with medical emergencies.

Expression Reader

Mikan Tsumiki , as Hajime mentioned, is a keen observer. She is an expert at reading people’s expressions.

When she observed Hajime’s face in the fourth Free Time Events, she understood exactly what he was thinking.

Mikan had a good sense of what others thought of her based on their behaviours and reactions. Mikan, on the other hand, due to her poor self-esteem, over-analyzes and concludes that others despise her whenever she perceives even the tiniest hint of boredom, reluctance, or displeasure in others.

She can also identify when and how someone is sick because of her keen perception.

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