Master Splinter: Here is all about it..

Master Splinter: Here is all about it..

Master Splinter is a key figure in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe. He is an anthropomorphic mutant rat who serves as the Turtles’ tutor and father figure, teaching them about the world and providing martial arts training.


Master Splinter is the Ninja Turtles’ teacher and adoptive father. He has taught the Turtles Ninjutsu, although they are not yet masters of the art. Splinter is a stern, mature, and defensive character. He uses a variety of ninja weapons and battles with a variety of ninja techniques. Any evil who wants to harm his sons must first go through him.

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Hamato Yoshi was born in 1962 in Saka, Japan, into the Hamatos, a peacekeeping ninja clan. Before inheriting his father’s job as clan chief, he enrolled in a Martial Arts school. Only Yoshi’s adopted brother Oroku Saki, who was originally from one of the wiped out enemy clans, the Foot, could match his abilities.

They were rivals not just in Martial Arts, but also for the affection of a beautiful woman named Tang Shen, whom Yoshi eventually married. Saki couldn’t take it anymore and insulted Yoshi in front of her. Yoshi became enraged and slammed Saki to the ground.

Saki’s hatred for Yoshi was cemented by this incident, and he vowed vengeance. Saki learnt of his true lineage during this time and reestablished the Foot Clan, renaming himself “the Shredder.” He arrived at Yoshi’s house one night, armed with razor-sharp claw weapons, and challenged him to a death duel.

Yoshi agreed, and the two ripped through Yoshi’s house, setting fire to it. Shen intervened just as Saki was about to kill Yoshi and took the final blow for herself. Yoshi managed to go without learning what happened to his baby daughter Miwa, whom Shredder raised as his own daughter, Karai.

Yoshi emigrated to the United States and attempted to start a new life in New York City. He went to a pet store one day and bought four young turtles because he was lonely.

He ran across a man while walking home and had an uneasy feeling about him, so he decided to follow him. He entered an alley and overheard a chat between two unusual men who were subsequently revealed to be Kraang members.

His foot disturbed a mouse lurking in the alley, alerting the crooks, who attempted to murder him. Yoshi fought back, but in the process, he destroyed a Mutagen canister they were holding, pouring it all over himself and the turtles.

Yoshi has transformed into a humanoid rat after escaping through a sewer drain. The turtles transformed as well, gaining intellect and humanoid forms. Yoshi adopted these turtles as his sons and students, knowing that they would be persecuted by humans, and has nurtured them in the sewers of New York ever since. He began teaching them Ninjutsu methods because he knew his sons would want to explore the surface one day, but he also knew it would be dangerous.

He assumed the name Splinter and named the turtles after painters and sculptors from a Renaissance art book he discovered in a storm drain.


Master Splinter’s beginnings have changed dramatically across the many TMNT mediums, as detailed here.

1987 cartoon

Splinter was originally a human named Hamato Yoshi, a member of the Foot, a Japanese ninja clan in the first animated TMNT series. Yoshi, a master of his craft, had formed a rivalry with Oroku Saki, a fellow clansman who despised him. Saki planted a knife on Yoshi during a visit by the Foot’s grandmaster to their school in order to frame him for plotting to assassinate the grandmaster. Yoshi escaped to the United States of America in shame.

Master Splinter is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics

Yoshi lived in the sewers of New York City for much of his life. Despite his poverty, he lived contentedly with his collection of Renaissance art books and the rats who shared his sewers. Yoshi spotted a quartet of baby turtles that had been unintentionally placed down a storm drain not long after he moved in. He maintained them as pets, but they would grow into so much more over time.

Something else went down the drain one day: a strange luminous ooze of unknown origin, which allowed every creature that touched it to take on the physical attributes of the creature with which it had most recently come into contact. The newborn turtles turned humanoid and developed sentience after coming into contact with the human Yoshi. Yoshi, on the other hand, had recently come into contact with sewer rats and morphed into a bipedal mouse.

Yoshi no longer saw his pet turtles as pets but as his adoptive children, teaching them about the world once they achieved human-like intelligence. He called his four sons Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo, after the four great Renaissance masters. He also gave himself a new moniker: Splinter. When his turtles reached adolescence, Splinter taught them ninjutsu and gave them weapons, intending for them to fight to protect the citizens of New York from the shadows.

Mirage Comics & 2003 cartoon

Splinter and Hamato Yoshi are not the same person in these continuities. Splinter is Yoshi’s pet rat who has been watching him practise martial arts and has subconsciously memorised Yoshi’s methods. Yoshi was a member of the Foot Clan, a hidden organisation in Japan, and was the next in line to take over the clan’s leadership. However, Oroku Saki – The Shredder – attempted to kill Yoshi by initiating a hostile takeover of the clan.

Master Splinter is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics

Yoshi fled to the United States with little more than Splinter, but the Shredder would follow, determined to complete what he had begun. Yoshi was followed down and slain by Shredder.

Splinter vanished into the sewers of New York, completely alone. He would eventually meet the four newborn turtles who would become his children and students. After coming into contact with a mysterious light ooze, they would evolve into humanoid forms, developing intellect and learning about the world above their sewer habitat. Splinter would name his charges after prominent Renaissance painters after reading numerous books left behind by Yoshi, and he would teach the turtles the arts he had seen Yoshi do years before.

2012 cartoon

Splinter’s origins in the CGI-animated Nickolodeon series are quite similar to those in the 1987 animation. He resided in a remote section of Japan with his adoptive brother Oroku Saki and was a member of a prominent martial arts school, yet Yoshi and Saki’s enmity derives from Saki’s jealousy of Yoshi’s friendship with Tang Shen.

Master Splinter is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics

Tang Shen was torn between Saki and Yoshi for her emotions, but she ultimately chose to marry Yoshi. Saki was enraged and left the school, fleeing his home, but he would later learn that his true ancestors were the Foot, a ninja clan that had been wiped out years before by Yoshi’s clan, the Hamato.

Saki would resurrect the Foot under his command and exact vengeance on Yoshi, assassinating his clansmen, wife Tang Shen, and kidnapping their young daughter Niwa to raise as his own.

Yoshi fled to America when his clan was destroyed and resided beneath the streets of New York, hoping that the Foot would not locate him.

The circumstances of his and the Turtles’ metamorphosis then unfolded in much the same way they did in the 1987 cartoon series.


As Hamato Yoshi: Yoshi is tall, slim, and strong, with dark brown eyes and black hair like Hamato Yoshi. When he lived in Japan, he wore a crimson kimoto with his clan’s insignia. He wore a pale blue polo shirt with brown jeans during his tenure in the United States.

As Splinter: Splinter has a droopy white beard, whiskers, a pink tail, and a pink nose, as well as black, brown, and white fur. In Japan, he wore a crimson kimoto, which he still wears. Splinter is far taller than any of the Turtles, unlike in any of his previous forms.


To the Turtles, Splinter is a knowledgeable sensei, a protective parent, a loving father, an athourity figure, a quirky master, and a Zen philosopher. He is adamant about training and protecting his new family. He’s been through decades of ninja training, which means he’s not just always furious when he fights, but he’s also incredibly in tune with the cosmos.

As seen in several episodes, Splinter can be rather rigorous when it comes to training and allowing his sons to travel out to the surface. He may employ severe ways to teach his boys a lesson, as demonstrated in “The Pulverizer Returns!” when he took away his sons’ weapons so they could learn to battle outside of their normal setting. Splinter, on the other hand, is a kind father who only wants the best for his sons and will go to any length to keep them safe.

Splinter appears to despise anyone who touches the Turtles. This is reinforced in “It Came From The Depths,” when he battles Leatherhead for threatening the Turtles.

Splinter’s deepest fear is losing his family to the Shredder all over again, as demonstrated in “Panic In The Sewers.” He pushed the Turtles’ training to the point that they were exhausted, anxious, and impatient out of fear of losing them to the Shredder, though he subsequently apologised for it.

Splinter may be afraid that the Turtles may abandon him at some point, as this was one of the ideas that the Rat King (in “I, Monster”) used against him in an attempt to take control of his mind.

Abilities, Skills and Powers

He was a renowned and powerful Ninjutsu expert as a human. When he was young, he began practising for the rest of his life. He is a master of several disciplines and possesses superior athletic qualities such as strength, acrobatics, speed, stamina, and endurance.

Ninjutsu: As a Ninjutsu master, Splinter is more knowledgeable, quick, and powerful. As seen in “It Came from the Depths,” he is capable of taking down greater opponents with little effort.

His strength was demonstrated when he slapped Dogpound in the face and tossed him into the air with a back hand, then used his rage to rip the hefty pillars from his back in retaliation for Leo and Leatherhead. In Return to New York, he easily defeated three Shredder mutants in a very short battle.

Jaw Strength: Like a sword, his jaws are powerful enough to destroy some types of metal, such as Shredder’s weapon.

Fighting Talents: His Ninjutsu skills are so impressive that even Dogpound’s Rahzar referred to him as “one of the best” and stated that “he’s as skillful as Master Shredder, but he doesn’t have the stomach to finish the fight.” Despite the fact that the Shredder’s Ninjutsu talents appear to be superior due to his knowledge of banned techniques (even shocking Yoshi), he has been defeated twice by Splinter.

Teaching: He is an excellent teacher for anyone who want to train, having spent 15 years training his four boys. He even teaches April how to protect herself against enemies. He even said that firearms usually choose their owners rather than the other way around.

Opponent Detection: He has a keen sense of when an enemy is approaching. This is either due to the exceptional hearing he acquired when he mutated or his “balanced mind,” because while he was human, he couldn’t hear the noise April was hearing. He appears to have the same unusual sensitivity gift as April.

Enhanced Strength: He has a highly remarkable ability to use his fingers to push away his foes as proven on the Shredder to be able to harm his arm, which is powerful but might be even stronger because he is a mutant.

Enhanced Speed: He is shown to have a number of abilities that typical rats do not, including the ability to sprint on all fours. He has the ability to go behind Dogpound due of his speed.

Senses: He can presumably sight in the dark, just like conventional rats. He had demonstrated that he could smell a peanut outside of his cage through Baxter Stockman glass in his wild form.

Weaponry: Splinter is an expert with a variety of weaponry, demonstrating that he is capable of mastering whatever weapon he comes across, including a magazine.

Stealth: His stealth is a combination of his speed and his ability to sneak past his foes, such as Dogpound.

Leap: He can even jump to Shredder’s window with ease.

Intelligence: As for his fighting intelligence, he can devise ways for his sons to escape from their foes by causing them to lose focus, as evidenced by his ability to lick Raph and escape his might.

Stamina and Endurance: Both are excellent for a mutant of his age (50), and he appears to be highly capable in combat. He was able to go toe-to-toe with Shredder, demonstrating that he is capable of taking Shredder’s assaults. He had little trouble defeating Foot Ninjas, Fishface, and Dogpound before facing the Shredder in a long and deadly battle. Even when he was surrounded by countless huge pillars during another encounter with Shredder, he was still more than capable of battling competently. He was able to withstand the Mind Controlled Slash mace’s strike.


Who is the oldest of the Ninja Turtles?

Raphael, sometimes known as Raph, is a fictional superhero and one of the four main characters of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and related media. He is usually represented as the turtle brothers’ second oldest/mid-middle child, but has previously been portrayed as the eldest.

Who is the Ninja Turtle with the longest history?

Leonardo. Leonardo (nicknamed Leo) is a dedicated ninjutsu student who fights with two long swords known as Niten Ryu and wears a royal blue mask. He is the Ninja Turtles’ courageous commander and is the oldest and most mature of the four.

Who was the possessor of the master splinters?

Hamato Yoshi is a Japanese martial arts teacher who is related to Splinter in that he was Splinter’s owner until he was slain by the Shredder in some incarnations, and in other incarnations, he was Splinter’s human form before he was either mutated or reborn after his death.

Is Yoshi the Shredder master?

He was born Hamato Yoshi in Japan and was a member of the Hamato clan until Oroku Saki, later known as the Shredder, destroyed his family, including his wife, Tang Shen, and likely his daughter, Hamato Miwa (later found), and his clan.

Who killed Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Leo fought Karai during the last battle with Shredder and his army. He defeated her, but a Karai Bot distracted him just as he was about to end her. Karai used the opportunity to kill him by striking him from behind. Two of his brothers used his death as motivation.

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