How to screenshot on the android : All Android Devices Covered.

How to screenshot on the android : All Android Devices Covered.

How to screenshot on the android: Aside from the scope of screenshotting in Android, the reality is that your device might have an OEM specific version of the OS that makes it more difficult to capture a shot. Regardless of what you’re using though, there’s still multiple ways to take a screenshot.

This post will cover every method of capturing a screenshot on Android devices. With multiple methods, various effects and effortless tasks, you can create compelling content with your screenshots without difficulty.

Quicker method

Sometimes you might experience difficulty taking screenshots on your Android device. By pressing the power button, but also holding down volume down at the same time, you can take a screenshot of your screen with more ease. Almost any android device can be easily taken screenshots with this method.

What is the standard method?

Capturing a screenshot usually requires pressing two buttons on your Android device, usually the Volume Down and Power buttons. You might need to use the Home+Power button combo on older devices. Capturing a screenshot with your device’s power button is also an option; select Screenshot from the list that appears.

Your phone’s screen will flash and can have a shutter like sound. A notification or pop-up message may appear to tell you that the screenshot was successfully made.

Unlike most Android assistants, Google Assistant can now take a screenshot using voice commands. Just say, “Okay, Google, take a screenshot.

These are the general methods you can use to take Android screenshots. Apart from these, there are some exceptions. For instance, Samsung phones can take a screenshot using the S Pen. There may be other manufacturers that replaced the default method with their own.


Samsung mobile device - how to screenshot on the android
Samsung mobile

Samsung mobile devices: How to screenshot on the android

If you own one of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, such as the Galaxy S22, then you have Bixby programmed. Using voice commands, it can take a screenshot so it is easy to store in your phone.

How to use Bixby to take a screenshot:

  • Step one is to open the screen where you want to take a screenshot. If the app has been configured correctly, say “Hey, Bixby” to take a photo.
  • If you want an instant screenshot of your Assistant, say “take a screenshot.” The Assistant will take the picture and save it in your phone’s Gallery app.
  • If your Samsung phone isn’t configured to recognize the “Hey Bixby” trigger words, just press and hold the side of the phone where there is a dedicated Bixby button and say, “take a screenshot,” to finish.

S Pen

Galaxy Note series devices have been phased out, but the S Pen has been added to newer variants of Samsung phones. With the S Pen, you can take screenshots without a separate accessory.

Take a screenshot with Samsung S Pen:

  • Select Screen write on the Air Command (if not done automatically) with your S Pen and start writing.
  • After you click on “Capture Screenshot,” your image will be automatically filled with a blue background, ready for editing. Make sure to save screen shot.

Palm swipe:

Take screen shot using Palm swipe with below steps.

  • You go have click on Settings. You will find another option as “Advanced features”. Click on it also.
  • Now, you find another option, Motion and gestures. Tap on it.
  • Just scroll down, you find option Palm swipe to capture. Toggle on it.
  • To take a screen shot, place one hand on the display’s right or left edge and rapidly swipe your hand back and forth. This will make a notification pop up that you have taken a screenshot.

Smart Capture

Samsung took a new approach to take screenshots on Android with their Smart Capture feature. The app lets you easily instantaneously grab the full screen of any website, making it easy!

How to use Samsung smart capture:

  • Use any of the method mentioned above to take regular screen shot and then select smart capture.
  • You can picture multiple images with one click, as you scroll down the page. Hit Scroll capture to stitch together multiple images in order to create a piece of art.

Smart Select

Smart Select can capture parts of the screen, take oval shaped screengrabs, or even create short GIFs from movies and animations.

How to use Samsung Smart Select:

  • Select Smart Select by swiping down on the Edge Panel.
  • Capture areas with the shape you need.
  • First, you must enable this feature by going to settings>display>edge panels>panels>smart select.
  • You can take a screenshot by sliding the edge panel out, and then choose which effect you want in the second frame.

Xiaomi mobile devices

how to screenshot on the android

Xiaomi mobile devices: How to screenshot on the android

With a few methods of their own, Xiaomi offers more options than usual to take screenshots.

The notification shade

We found that MIUI provides quick access to screen shots from the notification shade. Just pull down from the top of the screen and you can find the screenshot option.

Three-finger swipe

Swiping your hand on a Xiaomi device, you can easily take screen shots that can be assigned to a shortcut. It has a variety of different settings, like long-pressing the home button, or using gestures enabled in its setting.

Use the Quick Ball

You can quickly capture a screenshot when you need it. Just tap the Quick Ball and wait for your device to take a picture of what is happening on your screen.


Huawei mobile device - how to screenshot on the android

Huawei mobile devices : How to screenshot on the android

Huawei handsets let you perform a screenshot by making your knuckles knock twice on the screen and then crop it to your liking. To call up the option, navigate to Motion Control > Smart Screenshot in the settings menu.

Use the notification bar shortcut

One less gesture for taking a snap is now available: Huawei has implemented a shortcut in the notification area. The shortcut looks like scissors cutting paper, and you can use it to get your screenshot.

screenshot using Air Gestures

If you have a phone that has the Air Gestures feature, these gestures will let your phone know when to take an action with the camera. You need to enable Grabshot in order for this to work.

Once you activate the Gesture Capture Mode, place your hand 8-16 inches from the camera, wait for the hand icon to appear and then close your hand into a fist to take a screenshot.

Knock on the screen with your knuckle

Certain Huawei phones give you an entertaining and interactive way to take a screenshot. To enable this feature, first go to Settings > Accessibility features > Shortcuts & gestures > Take screenshot. Enable “Knuckle screenshots” in the settings.


Motorola mobile device - how to screenshot on the android

Motorola mobile devices: How to screenshot on the android

Motorola phones are simple and clean; the devices features a nearly stock user interface, making it easy to take screenshots. However, for those who want more control over their screenshot notifications and power menu, you can always use the power + volume down trick.


sony mobile device - how to screenshot

Screenshots on Sony mobile devices

On Sony devices, there is an option in the power menu that allows you to take a screenshot. Just long-press the power button to display the menu and then select Take screenshot. This option is helpful, especially if you find pressing combos of physical buttons difficult.


HTC mobile device

Screenshots on HTC mobile devices

If your phone or tablet has one of the company’s devices, you have a variety of ways to take screenshots. If your device supports the Edge Sense, you will be able to use that instead. Head into the settings to change what you do with squeezing or making a long press on the device.

HTC phones often include a screenshot button in their notification area. Use it to capture your screen’s content like you would with any other device.


LG mobile device - how to screenshot

Screenshots on LG mobile devices

LG exited the smartphone market, but some of you still have their devices. While LG devices have default methods for taking screenshots, there are also other options.

Notification area buttons

To take a screenshot of your screen and to save it, you open the notification area and tap on the screenshot button; and it is a square icon.

Air Motion

The new Air Motion feature from LG allows you to use simple gestures to launch apps, browse menus, and more. The feature uses the built-in ToF (time-of-flight) camera to detect air gestures performed over the device. Send your fingertips together and then pull them apart again for example.


If you’re on an older phone, the LG G8 comes with an easy way to take screenshots. From the notification screen, pull down and tap the ‘Capture+’ icon. This will let you capture regular screenshots and extended screenshots. You’ll then be able to annotate the screenshot too!


one plus mobile

OnePlus mobile devices: How to screenshot on the android.

OnePlus has another trick for those who want to take a screenshot. Holding the Power + Volume Down buttons will allow users to take a screenshot on Android.

To use this feature, go to settings > Buttons and gestures > Quick gestures and activate the three-finger screenshot feature.


How to take a screenshot on Android via third-party apps

Often frustrated with the difficulty of taking a screenshot on Android? Installing apps such as Screenshot Easy and Super Screenshot can provide you with many different options, without requiring root. You can also set up your own screenshot methods using Tasker!

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