freewebcam – Best Free Webcam Recorders & Softwares in 2022.

freewebcam – Best Free Webcam Recorders & Softwares in 2022.

freewebcam – The value of a webcam is immense. Webcams allow you to communicate with friends and family, remote co-workers and create videos. You can use software like screen recorders or webcam recording programs to capture video either through Skype, or web camera chatting, or tutorials and demos. The tools are diverse and serve many different audiences, so we’ll cover both to best serve the widest pool of people.

Following are few products on this list are free or have free trials. They will record video from your webcam and also work in 2022.

Free2X Webcam

Free2X Webcam

A freewebcam program called Free2X Webcam Recorder records whatever goes on with your webcam, but donations to the non-profit company are welcome. The interface is basic and intuitive, making it easy enough to use after a few minutes.

Free2X is a simple app that can save your computer’s camera feed to AVI, MP4 or WMV files, in addition to taking screenshots.

Cyberlink YouCam 7

Cyberlink YouCam 7

Cyberlink YouCam 7 is a premium product that can be downloaded for free for the first 30 days. Afterwards, the program costs $29.95. It has many features that make it an ideal option, including recording video and producing broadcast-ready content.

If you need to create professional videos, YouCam 7 is the app for you. One of the best features is making your video look high quality with virtual makeup and effects. It also has photo editing tools to give your video a nice look, as well as video conferencing software support, and live lighting adjustment.

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is a screen recording program that uses webcam functions to create pro-quality videos in minutes and with minimal learning. Unlike other freewebcam recorder options, FlashBack Express has a specific and easy tutorial to help you mastering the art of videography quickly.

It is a very useful software that can be used for multiple purposes. It has minimalistic and easy to use interface, simple and logical menus, works with most formats, and doesn’t limit the length of videos or features.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio

“OBS Studio is a screen recorder. It can record anything that happens on your computer screen. It’s free, open-source and it works on all platforms. You have lot of things with this program.”

If you’re just playing around with webcam recording, OBS Studio may be too complicated. If you’re interested in making tutorials or professional videos, this is a great program to try. The learning curve is steep but the end results are worth the effort.


ManyCam Premium is a webcam recording program that is much more than just a program. It has three versions, with the free one having limited features and using a watermark. But if you are trying it before buying it, Premium Standard version allows you to remove the watermark with no cost.

It is an accessible program that can work with most camera types and provide a wide range of editing features. It even has built-in audio recording. It’s worth investing in for those looking for top quality videos and don’t want to learn more about OBS, but it’s only useful if you are not trying to pursue world-class standards in video quality.



With SplitCam, you can record your entire video by streaming on platforms such as other webcams, media channels, and IMS. You can send and share your recordings with the virtual webcam that’s built-in to the app.

SplitCam is not as popular as other freewebcam software like ManyCam and YouCam, but it can use social media sites YouTube, Skype,, Gtalk, and Windows Live Messenger.

SplitCam has cool effects such as frames and text on videos. You can also make it appear like you’re streaming from the ocean or the Amazon Mountain.



BandiCam is the record all of your content no matter what device you’re on. From your home computer to phone or playstation, BandiCam does it all.

Roll with HD webcam software, BandiCam. This innovative software is Windows 10 compatible and contains a slew of features that can allow you to capture high compression videos without sacrificing the screen quality. Use this software to seamlessly record every webinar broadcast in your chosen niche.

With BandiCam, you can live stream Netflix for over two days and edit your videos by drawing on the screen, adding a webcam overlay, sound mixing and even re-coloring it in green.

NCH – Video Capture Software


This app has the most diverse functions for recording. Not only can you record from your webcam, but also from an external device or computer screen, and it’s also great for recording audio.

With Debut Video Capture, you can record videos from any external source. There are numerous presets settings and you can choose the file format, quality of the video and preproduction enhancements.

This is a tool that helps you get rich – with Express Burn the most in-demand video clips can be burned to DVDs and CDs.



If you are a novice and looking for easy streaming software, then Camtasia is the answer. This program is a full-featured video recording and editing program.

The freewebcam Windows 10 software YAWCAM is the simplest webcam software to use. All the features are lined up on one page and they’re aligned in a drop-down menu, which can be easily accessed with only one click.

This webcam software features these features: with overlay text and images, you can schedule your video recordings, adjust motion detection, and it is compatible with DirectX compatible webcams, DV-cameras, or video capture devices.

Windows Camera


It’s time to ditch the old look with Windows Camera. With a variety of new features, compilers and enhancements, you can find all your favorite modes right on your iPhone camera.

Windows Camera is a freewebcam software provided by Microsoft. It has few but effective features that are easy to use and make it especially useful for devices running Windows 10 or tablets with Windows 10.

With an auto-back and timer, it can help make selfie shots perfect for passports. With a panorama feature, you can take photos of the best scenes and share them on media platforms.


What is webcam software?

Webcam software is a program that allows you to record or stream video from your laptop/desktop webcam and deliver videos, courses, and webinars. Webcam software is intended for professionals.

Built-in webcam software?

Windows 10 includes software that controls the webcam, which can be installed quickly and easily. This is much better than using a 3rd party app, because 3rd party programs often come with spyware.

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