Fix It Felix: Who is his Wife?

Fix It Felix: Who is his Wife?

Fix-It Felix Jr. is a supporting character in Disney’s 2012 animated feature film Wreck-It Ralph and a tritagonist in its 2018 sequel.

He is the very good-hearted protagonist of the classic arcade game Fix It Felix Jr., in which he serves as Niceland’s resident handyman and Wreck-It Ralph’s “nemesis.” Felix can repair and heal any damage or ailment with his trusty magic hammer, hence his name.

When Ralph leaves the game to seek a life as a hero, Felix sets out to find him with the help of Sergeant Calhoun of Hero’s Duty, who swiftly steals Felix’s heart with his stunning “high definition.”


In Fix-It Felix Jr. at Litwak’s Arcade, Felix must use a magic hammer handed to him by his father to save the town’s apartment complex from the fury of a gigantic guy named Wreck-It Ralph.

Felix scales the structure while mending windows and avoiding hazards such as Ralph’s bricks and flying ducks in this game. The Nicelanders can provide Felix power-ups like pies that give him extraordinary speed, protect him from falling bricks, and improve the magic of his hammer.

The Nicelanders present Felix with a medal once the structure is saved, but Ralph is dumped into a puddle of muck below.

Felix is shown living in the quaint village of Niceland after hours, where he is venerated as the town hero and the poster boy for goodness.

He is frequently awarded for his bravery with pies and medals, the latter of which he proudly displays on his apartment’s wall.

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During the early stages of the film’s development, Felix was the main character, with Ralph serving as a supporting character.

Ralph was downgraded to a supporting part as a result of writer Phil Johnston’s belief that Ralph was the more fascinating character to centre a movie around in terms of character growth; Felix was reduced to a supporting position as a result, but remained a key player in the overall tale. 

Interestingly, Felix was supposed to accompany Ralph and eventually Vanellope on their Sugar Rush adventures (then known as Candy Hollow).

He helped Vanellope and Ralph develop Vanellope’s kart by suffering King Candy’s many mini-games, and he was also present when Vanellope showed Ralph about her house in Diet Cola Mountain. When it came to Vanellope, Felix had the demeanour of a responsible, albeit overbearing, parent.

Despite the fact that these early moments were crucial in distinguishing Felix’s character, he was eventually cut from the rest of Ralph and Vanellope’s adventure because the producers felt his presence would detract from their relationship’s development.

There was also a subplot involving Felix and Ralph, in which the former had fallen in love with Sergeant Calhoun (a idea that was kept in the film), while the latter concocted a fiction claiming Calhoun and Felix shared affections.


Felix was raised to be the epitome of the “nice man.” He is affable, warm, sociable, and well-liked throughout the arcade, particularly in the Niceland in-game area.

Felix is the epitome of virtue and heroism to the Nicelanders, and they continuously acclaim him as their noble leader and treat him with the greatest admiration and respect.

At the beginning of the film, Felix had been so accustomed to such treatment that, while his ego had never expanded as a result of it, he was completely unaware of Ralph’s feelings, who had received the polar opposite from both the Nicelanders and the arcade inhabitants.

Felix was never outright cruel to Ralph (he felt emotionally comfortable enough with him to vent about his problems and even his romantic relationships), but he never considered the bad guy’s point of view, seeing their roles and treatment as the natural order of their lives as video game characters.

He didn’t seem to mind Ralph attending their festivities, but he was frequently pressed to turn the bad guy away, and he did so silently to avoid confrontations.

This showed he was aware of the bad blood between the arcade’s heroes and villains, and merely tried to avoid it by segregating them wherever feasible. Felix, as a product of his period, is naive and optimistic to an unhealthy degree, which can make him appear juvenile and unrealistic at times.

After Ralph goes on a game-jumping excursion, Felix’s courage shines through as he takes matters into his own hands to restore Ralph home and save his cabinet.

Throughout the voyage, he encounters difficulties and tribulations that are eerily similar to Ralph’s own—being rejected, treated as a criminal, and dealing with both emotional and physical suffering.

Felix bemoans his tumultuous interactions with Ralph and declares that the bad man has no idea what such treatment feels like, revealing how little he knew about his coworker.

This would eventually lead the two down a path of mutual understanding, and Felix would quickly make up for his years of neglect by supporting Ralph in defending Vanellope von Schweetz selflessly. Felix has developed an affection and regard for Ralph by the end of their experience, as seen by Felix’s use of the term “brother” while talking to the evil person.

Felix’s politeness and lack of actual animosity or hostility, even when he’s genuinely furious, is another remarkable trait of his, and possibly a result of his programming.

When he vents to Ralph about his bad day, all he can muster is a declaration of how “cross” he is with him, and he is similarly opposed to using harsh language, adding “he doesn’t have to do boo” for him, which is evidently harsh even by his own standards.

Felix is impulsive in the sequel, as he and Calhoun happily adopted the Sugar Rush Racers even though they had never thought about having children and had no experience with fatherhood, let alone knowing how to care for fifteen children at once.

He also seemed to have had a distorted idea of parenting, as he felt that indulging and loving the child would have no negative consequences, which he quickly realized was incorrect after witnessing the Racers rampage around his apartment.

This makes him stressed, but he keeps it hidden until the end of the movie, when he is shown to have grown into a caring and supportive adoptive father to the Racers (off-screen, in deleted scenes/story content), now apparently an expert parent given his successful results and Surge’s surprise at his advice.

Physical appearance

Felix is a little, fair-skinned man with brown hair and blue eyes. Dressed in blue plumber’s uniform with white undershirt,brown boots, and gloves. His headgear is blue as well, with his initials embroidered on it.

Felix’s appearance, like that of the other characters in the film, evolved through time, especially in terms of attire, from overalls to a modern plumber’s outfit.

He wear a yellow shirt with rolled up sleeves and a noticeably different utility belt at first (as shown in one of the movie’s development presentations). However, it was replaced with a blue short-sleeved shirt with a name tag, and the belt was also altered. His facial features and haircut are also strikingly identical to Jack McBrayer, his own voice actor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Fix It Felix a real game?

Fix It Felix, Jr., is an arcade machine In the film, debuted in 1982 from publisher TobiKomi. But it should be noted that, it is an homage to Nintendo’s Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong and Mario Bro are basis of shape of machine. So, this is in reality never been a game.

Is Fix It Felix a father?

Fix-It Felix, Sr. is the father of Fix-It Felix, Jr. and the main character of original Fix it Felix.

Who is Fix It Felix based on?

Since Felix’s name ends with Jr., his father’s name likely to be Fix it Felix. Felix mentions Mario during the party in one of the scenes of film.

How did Fix It Felix get his hammer?

The hammer has been gifted to Fix it Felix by his father.

Who did Fix It Felix married?

Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun one of the character of Wreck-It Ralph series and the commanding officer of Hero’s Duty is love interest of Fix it Felix Jr. and at the end of movie they got married.

How heavy is Fix It Felix?

Fix It Felix Weight is 700kg and height is 4’10”.

How many levels Fix It Felix?

There are 10 levels on free app that kids can complete. However, on purchase of Wreck-It Ralph app, they can get additional level to complete.

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