Bakugo Mom : Mitsuki Bakugo 

Bakugo Mom : Mitsuki Bakugo 

Mitsuki Bakugo is Katsuki Bakugo mom and Masaru Bakugo‘s wife.

Mitsuki has spiky ash-blonde hair and brilliant red eyes, both of which she inherited from her son Katsuki. She maintains a young appearance despite being in her late thirties because to her Quirk.


Katsuki Bakugo mom has a short temper that quickly turns into a hostile attitude, implying that Katsuki has inherited his mother’s unfavourable traits. In contrast to her son, Mitsuki is usually able to remain calm, polite, and respectful. Mitsuki got along well with her husband despite her son’s kidnapping and was very appreciative to the U.A. teachers.

Katsuki Bakugo mom (Mitsuki Bakugo) realize the weaknesses in her son that were implanted in him as a result of a mix of his intrinsic aptitude for seemingly everything he does, his tremendous Quirk, and how others would continually fawn over him as a result of these traits during his upbringing.

Mitsuki disapproves of Katsuki’s haughty and self-centered attitude, smacking him multiple times during U.A. teachers’ home visits. Despite all of Katsuki’s weaknesses, Mitsuki wishes for him to become a Pro Hero and is grateful to the U.A. teachers for believing in him. She’s also relieved to learn that Katsuki’s professors value his perseverance over his hostility.


Katsuki Bakugo mom (Mitsuki Bakugo) met Masaru Bakugo at some time in her childhood and fell in love with him right away. Masaru was working in the fashion industry at the time, which pleased Mitsuki. Mitsuki relentlessly followed Masaru, pushing him to accept a date. After pursing him for a long time, they married and had their son, Katsuki, a few years later.

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U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Following his victory at the U.A., Katsuki returns home. Sports Festival. After waking up about lunchtime the next morning, he brushes his teeth forcefully. Mitsuki shouts at him for getting up at midday and aggressively yells at his mouth germs, irritated by the loudness.

Hideout Raid Arc

Katsuki is rescued from the League of Villains by All Might and Company, and he returns home. All Might and Shota Aizawa pay a visit to the Bakugo household to obtain Katsuki’s parents’ agreement for U.A.’s new all-dorm system.

Mitsuki agrees without hesitation and smacks Katsuki for his poor demeanour. Katsuki warns her from attacking him, but she responds by accusing him of being weak because he was kidnapped. Masaru tries to calm them down when they start arguing.

Katsuki Bakugo mom (Mitsuki Bakugo) says she’s happy for the all-dorm system after she’s calmed down because she’s having problems dealing with Katsuki’s attitude.

She explains to the teachers that he became this way because he was rewarded for his quirk and other superficial qualities. Mitsuki thanks Shota for being able to sense Katsuki’s ambition to be the best despite his pompous demeanour.

Mitsuki decides to entrust Katsuki to U.A. once more, claiming that her son has returned safely and requesting that Shota shape him into a magnificent Hero.

Outside, Katsuki follows All Might. Mitsuki yells at him, reminding him that he was instructed not to go outdoors by the cops.

Is 13 BNHA a boy or a girl?

Thirteen is female, according to the BNHA Ultra Analysis book. « Due to the size of the costume, it’s difficult to tell, but Thirteen is a woman. »

Is DEKU a female character?

Izuku is a shy, reserved, and courteous young guy who exaggerates his reactions to strange situations on a daily basis. Because he lacks a Quirk, Katsuki has looked down on him for years, and he is initially shown as  tearful, fragile, insecure, and non-expressive.

Why does Todoroki despise his father so much?

Because to Endeavor’s brutal treatment of his family, Shoto has never had a close relationship with his father. Shoto grew to loathe his father at this point, telling his mother that he never wanted to be a Hero like him (ironically, Endeavor’s treatment caused Shoto to seek inspiration from All Might).

Who is Bakugou’s closest companion?

9 Eijiro & Katsuki Bakugo Kirishima

Bakugo never seems to make meaningful friendships; his brash demeanour and continuous insults keep people at arm’s length. However, Kirishima is captivated by Bakugo’s brute talents and straightforward demeanour, and he begins to form an unshakable connection with him.

Who among you has a DEKU crush?

9 More Likely: Ochako Uraraka & Deku

Similarly, Uraraka has already admitted to having significant affections for Deku (both to the fans and to herself). It’s apparent that this is one of the most widely promoted pairings.

How Mineta get into UA?

Because the assessment simply needed him to immobilise the robots, Mineta was admitted to U.A. His strange Pop-Off skill allowed him to snag, stick, or even clog their muzzles, preventing them from working and letting him to score enough points to pass.

How much tall is Mineta?

Mineta is clearly the smallest student in his class, if not the entire school. He’s about the same height as a four-year-old child, at three feet seven inches tall.

Is there a UA traitor?

While All Might has no reason to believe a student is the U.A. traitor, there’s no way of knowing for sure. Unfortunately, after All For One’s imprisonment to Tartarus, the trail has gone cold, and Khei Horikoshi has stopped hinting at the loose thread entirely.

Is number 13 a female?

Fandom. Thirteen is a male number. In the manga, the characters are also referred to as 13 males.

Who did Todoroki marry?

2 Todoroki Shoto and Yaoyorozu Momo See Each Other’s Worth.

DEKU has a girlfriend, but who is she?

Uraraka Ochaco

Uchaco’s words and actions compel Deku to blush excessively from the minute they meet. Deku is revealed to be attracted to her and even respects her throughout the series. Uchaco, on the other hand, develops affections for him over time and eventually realises she is in love with him.

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