Attack on Titan-Everything about Huge Titan Explained

Attack on Titan-Everything about Huge Titan Explained

Huge Titan: The Colossal Titan is one of the Nine Titans and the main enemy of the Attack on Titan anime series‘ first three seasons. This Titan is known for its massive size and excellent control over the steam emitted by its Titan body, as well as the user’s ability to regulate the blast power released during its metamorphosis. It is currently in the possession of Armin Arlelt. The Colossal Titan first appeared in 845 following Wall Maria’s collapse, then resurfaced in 850 in Trost District.

Abilities of Huge Titan

Explosive transformation

When Titans shift, they release massive amounts of heat and energy, but the Colossal Titan takes it to the next level. The energy generated during the transition can be used by the owner to pursue a variety of goals. When Bertholdt Hoover assaulted Trost, for example, his transformation was only enough to knock a few cadets over the Wall.

During the Battle of Shiganshina District, Bertholdt released an amount of energy equivalent to a small nuclear explosion, destroying part of the district and setting the surrounding region on fire, killing a huge number of Scout Regiment soldiers. Furthermore, the massive force of the change resulted in a massive mushroom cloud of dust and rubble.

In a cataclysmic explosion, Armin Arlelt destroys the Marleyan naval fleet present at the Raid on Liberio, sending a powerful wave of energy inland and ultimately destroying the port.


The Colossal Titan is known for its tremendous size, standing at a previously unseen 60 metres tall and tall enough to peer over the tops of the Walls. It has incredible physical power because to its vast body mass, yet it moves slowly due to its enormous girth.

It can slam the outer gate of Wall Maria, throw entire houses into the air, and launch Eren’s Attack Huge Titan from the ground to the top of Wall Maria with a single kick. The arms are abnormally huge in contrast to the rest of the body, meaning that they are weaker than the legs.

After his change, Armin utilises the Colossal Titan’s vast strength and size to step on the Marleyan ships and naval harbour, destroying them.

Steam emission

The Colossal Titan appears to have significant control over the amount of steam generated by the Titan form. Titans, in normal conditions, emit steam from their wounds, and their corpses completely evaporate into steam after absorbing a killing blow.

To keep humans away from its nape, the Colossal Titan has the capacity to spew vast amounts of steam at will. This talent has a wide range of applications. The pressure and power of the steam, which is ejected in tremendous amounts all at once, will burn and repel anyone who is not in close proximity to the Colossal Titan.

Regular use, on the other hand, takes its toll on the Titan, gradually diminishing its muscle bulk until just the skeletal framework remains. The Colossal Titan has the capacity to dissolve its entire body and vanish in an instant if necessary.

This puts the individual in a vulnerable position, as there are no safeguards in place to prevent a fall from a great height, which is where the Titan form used to be. This disadvantage can be minimised if the user is wearing ODM gear.

This was observed after the Colossal Titan emerged in Trost and a tremendous volume of steam was released to prevent Eren Jaeger from reaching its neck, allowing Bertholdt to use the 3D manoeuvring gear to climb down the wall.


Following Ymir Fritz’s death, the Colossal huge Titan, like the rest of the Nine Huge Titans, was born. For 1,700 years after her death, the Colossal Titan was held captive by one or more of the warring Eldian households loyal to the Founding Titan.

The Colossal Titan was seized by the nation of Marley during the Great Titan War after Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz line, abandoned Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island.

In the year 843, Bertholdt Hoover was chosen to inherit the Colossal Titan’s power.  Later, in a fight between Marley and a foreign nation, he would use his Titan form to attack a city harbouring enemy troops, employing his Colossal Titan in a sneak strike after the Cart Titan had placed him in position.

The Paradis Island Operation began in 845, when Bertholdt, Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard were transported across the sea to Paradis Island by the nation of Marley.


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

The Colossal Titan initially appeared outside Wall Maria when Bertholdt transformed outside the southern gate, scaring the Shiganshina inhabitants and kicking a hole in the southern gate. Its actions lead the wandering Pure Titans to attack Shiganshina and begin feasting on the city’s many inhabitants, including Carla Jaeger. Bertholdt joined his fellow Warriors in infiltrating the reinforced zone during the chaos.

The Struggle for Trost arc

The Colossal Titan reappears five years later, in the year 850, after Bertholdt alters outside Trost District’s south gate so that the Titans might once again consume the humanity inside. Eren Jaeger approaches his Colossal Titan before he can flee, demanding vengeance.

Bertholdt utilises his steam emission control to prevent Eren from getting too close to the Colossal Titan’s throat. As Eren fights Bertholdt’s steam and delivers the ultimate blow, the Colossal Titan vanishes in an instant.

As Eren struggles to comprehend the situation, Bertholdt uses his omni-directional mobility gear to depart under the cover of his Titan’s steam. As a result of the attack, the Garrison uses the Colossal Titan contingency plan for Trost District.

Clash of the Huge Titan Arc

Due to Eren’s possession of the Attack Huge Titan, the Warriors postpone their plan to demolish the Walls and instead focus on capturing him, who they presume also has the Founding Titan.

In a moment of exhaustion and despair, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan and Bertholdt into the Colossal Titan, and the two attack the Scout Regiment in their Titan forms.

While Reiner’s Armored Titan attacks Eren’s Titan, Bertholdt faces the Scouts with a partially transformed Colossal Titan. When Hange Zo’s men are preparing to attack, Bertholdt uses his steam emission control to keep them at a safe distance, and their ODM gear can’t reach him because to the frequent wind gusts. For a brief length of time, Bertholdt’s Colossal remains in this state of emission until Reiner, facing certain defeat in his confrontation with Eren, begs for help.

After hearing Reiner’s signal, Bertholdt falls to the ground below. The Colossal Titan disintegrates into a jet of steam, resulting in a massive explosion below. Bertholdt abandons his Titan and joins Reiner, who had snatched Eren and Ymir from the chaos.

Return to Shiganshina arc

The Warriors’ effort to arrest Eren fails, and they flee to the ruins of Shiganshina District. Bertholdt does not appear to use his Colossal Titan for several months, until the battle of Shiganshina District, when he prepares to turn into his Titan and demolish the city from above. His plan is foiled, however, when he sees Reiner alive and in danger, and he subsequently changes his mind after speaking with his former comrades. A mushroom cloud forms as the blast from his transformation engulfs virtually all of Shiganshina’s Scouts and flattens the district’s central portion.

As the Colossal Titan, Bertholdt starts setting fire to Shiganshina’s homes, sending the structures soaring through the air and wreaking devastation on the village. Eren attempts to attack the Colossal, but is kicked to the top of Wall Maria, thereby ending his assault. Squad Levi tries to attack Bertholdt with their Thunder Spears, but the Colossal’s steam keeps them at bay. Armin Arlelt, on the other hand, notices the loss of muscular bulk caused by each steam blast and devises a strategy to defeat Bertholdt.

Eren is reawakened by Armin, who informs him of his plan to defeat Bertholdt. As Eren collapses to the earth below, Armin grapples with the Titan’s teeth, knowing that his ODM gear would not stay attached to the Colossal’s melting flesh.

Bertholdt launches a large amount of searing steam towards Armin, burning him alive till he can no longer be attached to his Titan. After Armin collapses on the ground below, Bertholdt redirects his focus to Eren. He realises too late that Eren’s Titan on the ground below is nothing more than its tough shell, and Eren hits the Colossal Titan in his human form, ripping Bertholdt from the nape as the Colossal Titan collapses in defeat.

The Scout Regiment’s remaining troops must decide whether to use a Titan injection they have in their possession to save either Armin or Commander Erwin Smith from death on the rooftops of Shiganshina. Captain Levi is faced with a difficult decision, and after much thought, he decides to save Armin’s life. As Bertholdt regains consciousness as a Pure Titan, Armin grabs him and pleads for his life. Despite Bertholdt’s objections, Armin’s Titan eats him alive and obtains the Colossal Titan power.

Marley arc

Between 851 and 854, the nation of Marley sent 32 reconnaissance ships to Paradis Island, all of which went missing. The Colossal Titan, along with the Attack Titan, assists in this by taking ships by transforming near or directly above them and compelling their people to jump overboard after being brought into close proximity by Yelena and Onyankopon.

Armin Arlelt waits on a fishing boat on the beach of Marley during the Liberio Raid. As Marley’s naval troops gather to provide reinforcements to the city’s internment zone, which is suffering high losses as a result of the Scout Regiment’s attacks, they come across Armin and send him back to shore, only to discover his true identity when he removes his hood. Before transforming into his Colossal Titan, he locks his gaze on them. The explosion destroys the Marleyan battleships and unleashes a massive surge of explosive energy into Liberio’s streets.

After smashing the harbour, the huge Titan steps on all the ships to verify that they are all destroyed. Armin then emerges from the Titan’s neck, looks down at the carnage caused by the metamorphosis, and uses his anti-personnel omni-directional mobility gear to fly up to a nearby Scout Regiment airship.

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