Ark 2: Everything we know about Survival Evolved sequel, the ARK:

Ark 2: Everything we know about Survival Evolved sequel, the ARK:

Ark 2 is dropping in 2023. Studio Wildcard unveiled a new third-person perspective and “Souls-like melee combat” to the public in 2020. We now have a better idea of what to expect from Ark 2 with this announcement.

For the time being, keep reading to learn about Ark 2, including Vin Diesel’s involvement.

ARK 2 Release Date Confirmed

Studio Wildcard pushed the release of Ark 2 back two years to 2023, which had rightfully come as no surprise. The Game Awards in 2020 announced the game would be released in 2022, but the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled a lot of production pipelines and having gone two years without an update, it was just time for a delay.

Ark 2 platforms

Studio Wildcard Games and Microsoft have released a partnership with the launch of Ark 2, which will be exclusive to Xbox. This deal ensures that the only console platform you’ll be able to play Ark 2 on at launch will be Xbox. Arma is also coming to PCs, just like its predecessor Ark: Survival Evolved.

Will Ark 2 come to PS5?

The question of whether Ark 2 will come to PS5 has not been answered by developer Studio Wildcard, but is listed as a “console launch exclusive” on Xbox Series X. So, before coming to other platforms like PS, Ark 2 will only be on PC and Xbox Series X for long period of time.

Ark 2 trailer

Studio Wildcard released the first trailer for Ark 2 as part of The Game Awards in 2020, featuring fully in-engine footage. Though development has since moved to Unreal Engine 5, this footage also revealed some famous faces that are joining production, and hinted at some of the new features to expect when Ark 2 launches.

Although it’s not in game footage yet, the trailer released at E3 2022 looks like a thing of beauty. It sets the tone for the game’s story and captures an iconic moment from a world long after a battle.

Ark 2 development

Studio Wildcard has yet to confirm whether the second installment of Ark: Survival Evolved will have an early access period, but its history here leads us to believe it will. When Ark: Survival evolved first released in 2015 as a console exclusive, which allowed it to gain “early feedback from Xbox One players.” Studio Wildcard launched the game in August 2017.

Microsoft Gaming and Studio Wildcard, both have maintained a close relationship. Ark: Survival Evolved was first game which was optimized for both the Xbox Series X in 2021 and the Xbox One X in 2017 , and the sandbox survival experience has remained a constant fixture on the Xbox Game Pass library since 2019. If Ark 2 early access happens, it’s likely that the Xbox Game Preview program will return once again.

Ark 2 story

With the Ark 2 story taking place after the first five paid DLC released for ARK in 2021, on an unknown planet, we can gather clues by looking at the ending of Genesis: Part 2.

The Genesis ship reaches a planet and splits in half, one half crashing into the planet and the other is dormant. In the finale of Part 2, a clone wakes up from stasis and it’s likely he’s been ejected toward Earth.

Ark 2 Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is set to star in Ark 2 as the protagonist character, Santiago. We don’t yet know more about what to expect from the story overall in terms of who he will be and how he will cross over into the universe but we’ll get that information when Ark: The Animated Series is released in 2022.

As a Creative Convergence President at Studio Wildcard, Vin Diesel is heavily involved in the development process, actively discussing new ideas and designs. Today, Microsoft confirmed that Diesel is a massive fan of ARK: Survival Evolved, spending over 1,000 hours playing. Meanwhile, CEO of Studio Wildcard Doug Kennedy said this experience has given Diesel a deeper understanding of the game than most players could ever have.

Ark 2 gameplay

The game, which is yet to be shown and playable, has been tweaked significantly, with the development team revealing that it would now ‘feel more like a survival horror game’.

For the first time ever, this game will feature soul-like melee combat. It will allow players to target lock, block, dodge, pull off combos, staggers and even special moves. This is because it is moving to a third-person perspective which includes advanced character traversal mechanics such as sliding, swinging, free-climbing and more.

If you can imagine it, you will have the ability to craft hundreds of different combinations of weapons and tools, which will alter their look and functionality. Materials also come into play.

There is also a PvE that implements hostile battle between Atarai. During the battle, regular tamed creatures are ridden by their owners.

Ark 2 mods

Studio Wildcard announced today at E3 that the second installment of Ark will come with, a cross-platform mod support capability which also enables user-generated content on PC with Xbox implications.

The developers of ARK 2 are excited as the main focus is on quality modding. Players will be able to create their own dinosaur and creatures, items, and gameplay features with mods available across all platforms — including Xbox — and support for modded servers via Modio!

ARK: The Animated Series crossover

Ark: The Animated Series was announced alongside Ark 2, and will be released in 2022. Studio Wildcard co-created the series with director Jay Oliva, who also worked on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and an Army of the Dead spinoff anime with Zack Snyder. Ark composer Gareth Coker is also working on the show’s soundtrack.

The animated series boasts A-list actors like Vin Diesel and Gerard Butler, but also Michelle Yeoh, David Tennant, Russel Crowe, Karl Urban, Elliot Page and many more. Along with this trailer that was released a few days ago, the series is much more appealing to the fans now.

Ark: The Animated Series will have 14 30-minute episodes and will tell an original story that segues into or at least features characters from Ark 2. This is the synopsis according to the official press release.

“ARK: The Animated Series follows the story of a primeval land populated by dinosaurs and other extinct creatures where people from throughout human history were resurrected. When 21st Century Australian palaeontologist, Helena Walker awakes on the ARK, she must learn to survive and find new allies. Or die again at the hands of menacing warlords.”

You can see in the trailer that characters like Michelle Yeoh’s MeiYin Li, have been transported from their different time periods to the Ark, showing that no matter who are your and from which place you belongs to, one day, dinos will be coming for all of us.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why is Vin Diesel in Ark 2?

ARK: Survival Evolved, the highly anticipated dinosaur-centric game from the creators of the popular procedural worldbuilding game, ARK: Scorched Earth, has announced their newest title: Ark 2!

The game is a direct sequel to ARK: Survival Evolved and will take place on an entirely new island, which was discovered just prior to the events of Ark: Survival Evolved. The island is home to a brand new cast of dinosaurs and other creatures, many of which were only hinted at or seen in clips from Ark: Survival Evolved.

One of the most exciting things about Ark 2 is that it will be built by the community. The game’s creators are saying that “the game will be more open than ever before, with a focus on player-driven content and emergent gameplay.” This means that players will have a much larger role in shaping the game than ever before.

Vin Diesel is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and his involvement with Ark 2 confirms that this title is definitely something special. As a fan of both ARK: Survival Evolved and action movies, I can’t wait to see what he does with this new title.

Will Ark 2 have PVP?

ARK: Survival Evolved is a popular game that has generated a lot of interest in recent years. Many people are wondering if Ark 2 will include player-vs-player (PVP) combat. Here’s what we know so far.

Ark 2 is currently in development, and there is no information yet about whether or not it will include PVP combat. However, it is possible that the game will feature some kind of PVP mode.

If Ark 2 does include PVP combat, it would likely be based on the same model as other games in the genre. In these games, players compete against each other to gain control of different areas of the map.

It is unclear when Ark 2 will be released, but fans of the game are eagerly waiting to find out more about it.

What will Ark 2 be on?

Ark is a new platform that uses blockchain technology to create a new type of economy. Ark 2 will be a much more advanced version of the Ark platform, and it will include a number of new features.

Ark 2 will include a variety of new features, including a digital asset exchange, an insurance module, and a marketplace. The digital asset exchange will allow users to trade digital assets, and the insurance module will enable users to purchase insurance products. The marketplace will allow users to buy and sell products and services, and it will also allow users to earn commissions on transactions.

Ark 2 is still in development, but we know a lot about it already. We will continue to update our readers as developments progress.

How much does Ark 2 cost?

Ark is an upcoming blockchain platform that aims to provide a solution to the vast number of issues faced by developers and entrepreneurs. Ark is excited to announce their newest development, ARK 2.

ARK 2 is a new platform that will offer a wide range of features and improvements over the original Ark platform. Some key features of ARK 2 include:

· A new user interface that will make it easier for users to access all of the features of the platform

· New dApps that will be built on top of the platform

· Improved security measures that will protect users’ data

Ark plans to release ARK 2 in early 2019. The initial release will be available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. More releases are planned for later in 2019 and 2020. Ark plans to provide detailed information about ARK 2 at their upcoming developer conference, Blockchain Expo Europe, which is scheduled for October 11-13th in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can learn more about ARK at their website,

Will Ark 2 be Crossplay?

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most popular games on the PC right now, with millions of players enjoying its dinosaur-filled island map. So when ARK announced that they would be doing a sequel, many were excited to see what new and exciting content would be added to the game. Today, we’re going to take a look at what we know so far about ARK: Survival Evolved 2 and see if it will be crossplay compatible.

First off, it’s worth noting that ARK: Survival Evolved 2 isn’t just a sequel, but also a completely different game. It takes place on another island map, with new creatures, biomes, and gameplay features. As such, it won’t be possible to transfer your character over from the first game. However, if you own both games and have an active Steam account, you will be able to play co-operatively with friends on either map.

Does Unreal Engine 5 have Ark 2?

Unreal Engine 5 is a powerful engine that can be used for a variety of video games. However, it seems that there might be a potential Ark 2 game using the Unreal Engine 5.

ARK is an upcoming survival game that is being developed by the creators of the popular ARK: Survival Evolved game. So far, very little information has been released about ARK, other than that it is set in a “post-apocalyptic world” and will use the Unreal Engine 5.

Since there is no official confirmation yet, it is still unclear if ARK: Survival Evolved will be using the same engine or if a new one will be developed specifically for ARK: Survival Evolved. However, this news should definitely excite fans of the ARK series who are looking forward to another title in the series!.

Does Vin Diesel play ark?

ARK, a new game announced by developer Bluehole, is gaining a lot of interest from players. The question on everyone’s lips is: does Vin Diesel play Ark in the game?

Bluehole released a short video of the game and it showed Vin Diesel walking around in what appears to be the game world. However, there’s no confirmation that he plays as the protagonist, Noah. Nevertheless, his presence in the video is enough to get people excited about the game.

Ark is an online multiplayer game that will take gamers on a journey across a dangerous world full of dinosaurs and other creatures. Players will need to team up and survive against all odds in order to save humanity.

There is no release date for Ark yet, but it is expected to arrive later this year on PC.

ARK: Survival Evolved has been announced by developer Studio Wildcard and there is much speculation about who will play as the main protagonist. Vin Diesel has been suggested as the possible actor for the lead role, but this has not been confirmed.

Studio Wildcard hasn’t released much information about the game other than that it will be set in a post-apocalyptic world, where players must scavenge for food, water and shelter to survive. The game is said to be release on PC and console platforms in early 2018.

Commentators have speculated about the game’s plot and what role Vin Diesel might play. Some believe that he could be the main antagonist, while others think he could be playing the lead role. There is no confirmation of his involvement yet, but fans are eagerly awaiting more information about the game.

How many dinos are in Ark?

ARK announced this week that there are a total of three dinosaurs in their game, and all three are unique to the game. The first dino is called the ARK Sarcosuchus, and is a medium-sized meat eater. It has powerful jaws and can tear through flesh with ease. The second dino is called the ARK Mosasaurus, and is a large aquatic predator. Its long neck and powerful jaws make it a formidable opponent. The final dino is called the ARK Titanoboa, and is the largest dino in the game. It can grow to be up to 60 feet long and weigh more than 10 tons!

Can humans mate ARK?

Ark is an upcoming, open-source, decentralized platform that will enable humans to mate and produce offspring. The team behind Ark is working hard to make this a reality, and they have announced some interesting details about their project so far.

Ark plans to use blockchain technology to create a secure system for mating and breeding. This will allow people to control their own data and reproductive decisions, without interference from third parties. Ark also plans to provide a wide range of services related to mating and parenting, including genetic tests and advice on raising children.

Ark is an ambitious project that has the potential to revolutionize human reproduction. The team behind it is working hard to make it a reality, and we can expect more information about Ark in the future.

What is the biggest map in ARK?

The ARK: Survival Evolved map is the largest map in the game and it’s filled with a lot of different ecosystems to explore. The map is 176 square kilometers large, which is about the size of two football fields. There are over 100 different types of dinosaurs to find and hunt, as well as over 30 different types of trees and plants.

Can I pre order Ark 2?

ARK: Survival Evolved is a newly announced game for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

ARK: Survival Evolved is an upcoming 3D sandbox game set in a new and unique world that will be developed by the team behind the successful ARK: Survival Evolved. We know quite a bit about the game already including what platforms it’s coming to, but here are some more details that we’ve uncovered so far.

ARK: Survival Evolved will be releasing for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, with both digital and boxed versions available at launch. The game will feature a destructible environment, dinosaurs, along with player-versus-player (PVP) multiplayer mode.

ARK: Survival Evolved is also currently available for pre-order on Steam with a 50% discount off the full price until September 12th.

ARK Genesis 2 has a new release date and time

The developer has confirmed they will reschedule the launch and release event of ARK: Genesis Part 2.

The new DLC, expected to release on June 2nd with all the expansions needed to complete it, is being launched. Studio Wildcard has changed ARK’s release date for ARK Genesis Part 2 to June 3, rather than April 11.

Players won’t have to wait long if they’re willing to stick to the schedule Wildcard has put out. The good news is that this will be a short reminder and with it gamers can be ready for their day off.


You’ll be able to experience the new ARK game map at 1pm BST on June 3rd. With the release of this new expansion, players in North America will be able to start playing earlier than on other territories around the world.

ARK will be releasing a new update to their game which will be compatible with their previous release on PS4, Xbox One and PC later today.

ARK’s developers have already been delayed for changes, so that gamers should be prepared for more delays.

In the past, PC players got updates first and with that, followed by PS4 and Xbox One owners.

It is important to follow the latest events on the official social media platforms from ARK.

As per latest information from Studio Wildcard explains: “Genesis Part 2 is working to complete the automated certification process.”

Genesis Part 2-New Features

The new features that will be included in Genesis Part 2 release are as follows:

Biome Variants– Many old friends will soon be returning in Genesis Part 2, in the form of new biomes and their variations! Here’s an early look at our part of the variation, including new resources for many creatures from previous expansions.

Net Projectile– Sometimes a bola doesn’t work, and you need an alternative. The net projectile is fired from the tip of your harpoon and catches bigger monsters.

TEK GEAR– You have to protect your base in Genesis Part 2 with the help of Remote Camera Security System. Use it to view and communicate, giving orders, from a remote location. Can also spy on enemies by providing a video feed.

Void Wyrm– Voidwyrm is a mechanical sentry with a skeletal draconic body. It may look like a wyvern, but it’s not. Don’t wander too close to Voidwyrm when exploring!

jar of pitch– If you are under siege, you definitely want something that can make an explosive entrance. The Jar of Pitch allows you to do just that by leaving a firey impact zone.

Astrodelphis– Astrodelphis is curious and has a fast metabolism. It may seem similar to the whales that swam in the Earth’s oceans likely, but it also made an interstellar home among the stars. With unique features, Astrodelphis lives among a star system circling nearby to ours.

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